A little bit more of “A Girl Named Cord”

Here is another little part of my newest book, A Girl Named Cord. Enjoy!

Cord asked, “Why can’t you two be like this all the time? You’re being so friendly and as close as brothers? Why did things go so wrong between you? Why can’t you just work it out?”
It was an innocent question, but Ghost’s face instantly darkened. He let go of Jake’s arm and said, “I need to be going now. Feel better, Cord.”
Jake, too, had fallen silent and thoughtful. He watched his cousin leave, and Cord tugged on her hair in frustration. “Why can’t I say anything right? Everything was going so nicely! I’m sorry, Jake. I—I just don’t understand what happened between you two. I see you together, see how similar you are, the way you laughed at Mr. Gibson, the way you just felt a while ago telling me about your mother and sister; but then, as soon as I mentioned you two being cross with one another, Ghost shut down and you shut up. I think you’re both just a couple of cantankerous old men who enjoy this bickering!” Cord stuck out her bottom lip in a pouty fashion and crossed her arms, turned away from Jake, and began tapping her toe impatiently.
“You’re absolutely right, you know that Cord?”
Cord whirled back to face Jake. “I am? What do you mean?”
“This is senseless! Ghost and I never stopped getting along! We just stopped talking! I could have fixed this, but I was too proud. I should have done what was right and given Ghost part of this ranch just as soon as Pa died. I see that now.”
“But it’s too late to fix it now.”
“On the contrary, it’s never too late to fix a wrong doing! I’ll—”
“Boss, come quick!”
Jake forgot what he had been about to say when he heard Collin bellowing for him. He and Cord ran outside and found Collin in a rage. He declared, “That no account cousin of yours is stealing from you!”

Did you like it? If you did, you can buy the book in its glorious entirety here: http://www.amazon.com/A-Girl-Named-Cord-ebook/dp/B00E91QL7W/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1375327730&sr=8-2&keywords=a+girl+named+cord

a girl named cord (2)


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