A fast update about what’s going on

Okay, so I’m back. Sort of. I figured I’d give you all a break from me pushing A Girl Named Cord on you. (You could buy the eBook here, though. Oops, sorry about that, couldn’t help myself.)

Anyway, life as an author is going alright. I’ve sold four eBooks through Amazon and one through Smashwords. Here is the part I’m a little grumpy about. I know a lot of people who love paperbacks. They have no idea what a Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or eBook is. Never heard of them. So for those people, I publish all my books as both eBooks and paperbacks. I buy several of the paperbacks and sell them to my friends and relatives, which is by far the most profitable. Up until this last week, no one has bought a paperback off Amazon or Createspace (whom I use to format my paperbacks). And thank goodness for that! I have the paperbacks priced at $7.99. The royalty I will receive is o.32 euros. (the book was sold in Australia.) For my 99 cent eBooks, I get 0.36 euros in royalty. (I really have no idea how many euros equal a U.S. dollar, but still!) Somewhere there, that seems messed up.

Fine, moving on. Rancher life is okay. Here in Colorado (actually, I think most of the states are the same way) there is a drought. We only have 1/5 the normal amount of irrigation water, and, well, I’ll suffice it to say we’re a little parched. W-e-l-l, last week we got hit with a huge rainstorm! Yah! But ‘Yah!’ only lasted for a few minutes before I realized my sheep/goat enclosure had four inches of water standing on the floor. Yep, that’s not a good thing. So, in the middle of the pouring rain and lightning storm right above out heads, my sister and I start bailing water while my brother starts digging trenches. For whatever reason, we weren’t gaining. The water just kept coming. We finally had to throw in the towel. So to speak. So we moved my animals to the backyard, where we thought we could fit them into the doghouse. (Just so you know, the doghouse is my sister’s and my old playhouse.) They didn’t all fit. So, our only other option was to put the poor, soaking wet, crying babies in the trailer. It stunk, was damp and cold, but they were out of the worst of the storm. After it stopped raining (two days later) and the water soaked in (another two days) we planned to wait for the ground to dry, then we were going to haul in more dirt and mix it with the hay/bedding that was already on the floor. Scratch that idea because the hay started to rot and it was crawling with worms and maggots. Fast-forward, and we finally have the sheep/goat house clean of the grossness. And the floor is muddy. (About this time, the baby milk goat I’ve been waiting on arrives. Yah! But sadly, after having her for only three days, she became an ornery, five-month-old escape artist who would not let me catch or pet her, and I had to return her.) Wait another couple days. Give up waiting because it is getting to be a pain trying to shove my 70 pound sheep into the trailer where they just DON’T want to GO! The next day is spent filling up the 10X20 foot enclosure with another four inches of dirt. (Yeah, that took awhile.) And finally, today was spent taking off the door and fitting it with new hinges and latches. We got the feeders set up and put out fresh hay. The babies are finally back home. And guess what, it started raining this afternoon. Oh boy. And to top it off, the horse I sold my sister (my mom’s favorite horse) got colic and died this morning.

So life in general is a mess. I apologize if I’m absent, because I’m trying to deal with a lot, and I don’t know how often I’m going to be around. I don’t know when everything will get straightened back out (if ever), so just bear with me. I’ll schedule a few posts, do some book promoting, and try to pop in from time to time. But if you don’t hear from me, just know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth (maybe I have, but I’m sure someone will feel sorry for me a throw me a rope or something) and I should be back to my regular, happy self soon.
But until then, take care!

36 thoughts on “A fast update about what’s going on

  1. Hope life gets simpler and better soon! As the person who bought the paperback in Australia, if it helps I’m happy to also purchase an ebook, let me know. I just wanted a copy I could hold, but it sure seems messed up that you get less for that… 😦

    • Thank you Helen. I’m so glad to know that I have you as a friend. That means a lot to me. And NO! Of course not! I don’t want you to buy an eBook, too! I am happy you bought the paperback! Really! I’m just a little annoyed at the difference in royalty! But that isn’t your fault! You are so sweet! Thank you! ❀

  2. The Southeast is suffering the opposite problem. We have been inundated with rain almost everyday this season. You can’t plan to go to the beach without planning to get wet. About you money exchange. .36 Euros is about .48 dollars. so a little less than half a dollar.

    • Our dollars don’t go so far in some other countries. However, if you sold a book in Costa Rica you would receive 503.52 colones for a 1 dollar book, only you would have to spend it there to reap the benefit of that exchange. I got a huge steak dinner with all of the trimming, plus black beans and rice, salad, fried eggs and plantains for the equivalent of $2.50. Colones stretch very far in relation to US dollars. πŸ™‚

    • You could send a little bit of that rain over this way, you know. πŸ˜‰ But I think that would probably make a fun day on the beach a not-so-fun day under an umbrella. Sorry about that.
      Oh, okay. Thank you! That is good to know. πŸ™‚

  3. With the book royalties, it could be that you are putting more into creating the eBook, so you get more of the money. The paperback has more hands to pay because of production.

    Sorry to hear about the horse and milk goat. I guess goats aren’t that easy to train and you need to get along with them to work with them. Sounds like people.

    • You’re right, of course. But I’m made at myself for pricing the book so high when I don’t get much royalty no matter what. I’m wondering if I should just set it at the lowest possible list price, that way, if someone wants a paperback, that can have it almost as cheap as the eBook.

      Thanks Charles. The milk goat was a bad deal, since I wasn’t able to get her when she truly was a baby. She was already five months old, and basically all grown up. She was set in her ways and wanted to get back to her mother and her other barnyard friends. But it worked out, I suppose. And the lady I got her from (one of my few real-life friends) said that next spring when her goats had their babies again, she’d get a youngster to me so I could bond with it.

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