Interview with Courtney McCoy

Today I had the pleasure of getting back together with Courtney ‘Cord’ McCoy from my book, A Girl Named Cord. Courtney agreed to let me interview her, and the following is what we discussed.

Me: Hi Cord, it is nice to see you again.
Cord: Yes ma’am, it is good to be back.
Me: So, let’s talk about you. Your fans want to know more about you. So, where would you like to start?
Cord: I was born on the twelfth of May, in the year of 1833. My mother’s name was Betty and my pa’s name was Allen, though, I don’t know much about either of them. They died when I was only two years old.
Me: Oh, Cord! That’s terrible! I’m so sorry! Where did you live after they passed away?
Cord: I was sent to live with my mother’s only sister, teenager Alice Blankenship. You see, in the time I was born, women were not men’s equal. As children and teenagers, women lived on their father’s farms, where they did chores, cooked, cleaned, and looked after younger siblings. When women came of marrying age and found a suitable partner, they’d be wed and the new bride would move to her husband’s homestead. There, they would tend to the house, cook, clean, and have children. Mortality rates were not the best, so the more children, the better. Especially sons.
Me: How dreadful! It is so good that woman are no longer treated that way. But, if you don’t mind me asking, why were you an only child?
Cord: I do not know why I had no older siblings. I was born two days after my folk’s tenth wedding anniversary. At that time, most other couples would have already two or more children. *shrugs*
Me: So it was not a common thing for you, a young girl, to venture out into a man’s world and expect to find a place among them. I’m sure it was rarer still to actually be hired as a ranch hand.
Cord: Yes, it was nothing short of a miracle for me to get the job that I did. The only reason I did get it, was that my employer, Jake, saw me and remembered the sister that time had stolen from him. That’s why he took me in and gave me a place. If not for him, I’d have been sent back to the hotel to wait tables and wash linens.
Me: Did Jake’s other employees treat you differently?
Cord: No. They all became my friends.
Me: That is wonderful. I’d say you are a very lucky woman.
Cord: *nods* Yes, I am. I’ve had my share of hardships, but that is to be expected. Life on the range is not easy.
Me: Of course. Well, that’s all for today. Thanks Cord! We’ll have to get together and talk again really soon!
Cord: Yes, that sounds very nice indeed!

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