Blogger spotlight, lucky #7

The blogger I’m spotlighting this week is the charming Katie Sullivan from

Katie and her character “D” always make me laugh, and they treat me like I’m part of their wonderful family. “D” and my character, “Billy the Kid”, get along splendidly and Katie and I are planning a ‘play date’ for the two of them really soon.
 Katie is an all-around talented and sweet person, and one of my best friends here on WordPress. You should stop by her blog and check out her upcoming book! Don’t forget to say “Hi!” to D, and I’m sure Katie would welcome all new followers!

Here are a few of Katie’s awesome posts:

23 thoughts on “Blogger spotlight, lucky #7

  1. Aww! Thank you, Briana! You are too sweet. D says howdy – he’s rather aggrieved with me for not writing or doing much of anything at the moment (not even a cursing Druid can overrule total lassitude), so he appreciates your spotlight!

    • You are very, very welcome Katie! Howdy D! Hope you both are having a lovely week! (Billy the Kid keeps bugging me about talking to you! I think he’s tired of being confined to his novel!) 😉

      • We gotta get together. Oh, question for you – the review for A Girl Named Cord – am I posting that on my blog or is it yours to post, or are we doing a simulcast type thing? (forgive me, I am so brain dead sometimes!)

      • I agree! And the sooner the better! Billy just WON’T leave me alone about it!!! 🙂
        And you can post the review on your blog and I’ll re-blog it! (And you are not brain-dead! You’re one of the smartest people I know!!!)

      • No worries – it’s just a touch of burnout. I’m still chugging out stuff for the Community Storyboard, so at least there’s something ticking away in here! 🙂

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