In Review: A Girl Named Cord

This is so awesome! Thank you so much Katie and D! You two are the best! 🙂

The D/A Dialogues

Of the many things I am, I am a reader. I write, certainly. I’m a mom too. And a reckless gardener. I have conversations with a time-traveling Pict Druid in my head and on this blog, but really, I’m a reader. I love to escape all that and just read.

I loved reading Briana Vedsted’s A Girl Named Cord.

CORD-FlatIt was a fast-paced read, with plenty of twists to keep me interested and entertained. It was also a very satisfying read. I love a book that I can set down when I’ve read the last page and say: “Yes, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Thank you, author.” This book did that for me.

Cord is plucky, independent and human. I loved that she was flawed enough to be believable. Her problems are, at their essence, all our problems, and I loved the simple and heartfelt way in which…

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