I dream

Of floating away on the wings of a butterfly.

Nothing in the world can get to me.

I am so happy and free and at peace.

Always and forever, I am safe.


Ionia, we all love you and are thinking about you. You are in our thoughts and prayers! You are going to make it through this! Have Faith!

32 thoughts on “Ionia

  1. Gorgeous Briana! I read this yesterday and it started me crying and I pretty much didn’t stop for hours…your caring for Ionia is so clear. I am sure with all the love flowing to her from across the globe she can only succeed in the cancer battle! 🙂 🙂

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  3. Beautiful Briana, I’ve missed all the news as I’ve been out of internet range but I really wish Ionia all that is good and hope that she will get better very very soon.

    • Thank you, my dear! And I surly have missed seeing your happy picture in my comments section! 🙂
      And we are all wishing good things for Ionia. My fingers are crossed that she’ll be back to normal soon!!!

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