What is your song?

Do you have a song for each of your books? I do. Each book speaks to me differently, putting me in a ‘mood’. I match that mood to a certain song or playlist, and always listen to it while I write. My current book is being written to solid gold George Strait. (Yes, I admit I’ve only got two pages written, but I have high hopes for this book! haha!)

So what about you? Do you write while listening to music? Does it help your creativity?

47 thoughts on “What is your song?

  1. Oh I listen to music constantly while I write, I MUST have it. Each book is different thought by genre. Today I am listening to Celtic music as I am starting a new series set between Ireland and Scotland…me with my music, notebook and pen….yeah that’s paradise!

  2. I am always surrounded by music – it’s how I concentrate. Lately (like since I started writing again), my main inspiration has been the Hobbit Soundtrack, but particularly Misty Mountains and Song of the Lonely Mountain.

    • Keeps D a little quieter, too, doesn’t it! hehehe!
      I’ll bet the Hobbit soundtrack is very moving. Wait, D has not talked you into old country music yet? Or is he still out to raising Cain with Billy?

  3. I listen to music where I write. Need background noise. Though I never thought of themes, so I’ll take a try:

    Beginning of a Hero- Hero by Chaf Kroeger & Josue Scott

    Prodigy of Rainbow Tower- Girl on Fire by Rob Zombie

    Allure of the Gypsies- Hold Me Down by Tommy Lee

  4. I can’t listen to music while I write as I find it too distracting although each book does have a musical theme which I usually weave into the book somehow. I sometimes have the groan of the radio on low in the background as I find that kind of soothing. πŸ™‚

    • I use music to block out certain noises, or keep the loneliness of silence at bay. lol. If I’m writing, I usually am listening to my music. I have a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on my back, and anyone who messes with me is in trouble! Hahaha!

  5. I am one of those people who has to have quiet to sleep and quiet to read or write. It was not that way when i was college age. It is like my brain…now that I am older, is too distractible.

  6. I listen to music when I write, and especially when I’m thinking about story problems. I tend to associate songs with characters, though, not stories. But there’s overlap. πŸ™‚

    • That is a good point. I have certain songs for my ‘special’ characters, but then just have a playlist (or several!) for the over all book. I have head that if you listen to a song over and over again while doing school, always hearing that song will refresh your memory. So that’s what I do with my books. For each one, I’ll play a song on a loop until I get back in the ‘writing mood’.

  7. I can’t listen to lyrical music while I write. I focus too much on those words rather than my own. So usually I stick to soundtracks. I bought this 99 Darkest Classical Music Pieces album on Amazon, and it’s probably been played the most during revisions. Definitely sets the mood. Sometimes I’ve listened to the soundtracks of Batman Begins, Inception, and Star Trek (2009) while working as well. Basically whatever’s available in my Amazon Cloud Player, but mostly soundtracks.

    And sometimes, just silence.

    Interesting topic. Thanks for posting!

    • You’re welcome Jae!
      I have a few songs without lyrics, but most of my favorites do have words. But I get so caught up in my writing, I’ll stop even hearing the music, and when I finally come out of my daze, I’m thinking, “Wait? Did I miss that song?” then I find I’m already to the end of the playlist! lol

  8. I tend to listen a mix of instrumental music – classical, movie and TV scores – I sometimes find songs with lyrics a bit distracting when writing. Among the [contemporary composers] I have on my playlist are Barrington Pheloung (composer for the “Inspector Morse” “Lewis” and “Endeavour” series) Christopher Gunning (composer for the “Poirot” series), and Murray Gold (composer for the modern “Doctor Who” series). Of course, there’s also John Williams, Howard Shore and Alexandre Desplat.

    • I like songs without words, as well. They sometimes help me focus on problems I’m having with my book.
      But of course, I like the words, too, because they inspire a different tone or ‘feeling’ for certain characters.

  9. I wrote The Seed listening obsessively to early U2 – really anything up to and including The Joshua Tree. The I wrote my black comedy, Curiosity – which I will hopefully publish in a few months time – toggling between U2s Achtung Baby and the soundtrack to Natural Born Killers…so I kind of find a set of music that fits he ‘vibe’ of what I’m writing. πŸ™‚

  10. I can’t say that I have a book song. Actually, I don’t have any music on right now. But I have been inspired by soundtracks like the Lord of the Rings (Howard Shore). I like an epic score.

  11. Music often inspires my writing but I sometimes write in complete silence where I can be alone with my thoughts and nobody else’s words. Sometimes I’ll start out writing to music and then have to turn it off. I guess it just depends on my mood or the scene that I’m writing. I do have a playlist for the novel I’m editing and my WIP.

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