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How many of you authors out there have original cover art for your book(s)? Even if you are self published, did you have a cover drawn by an artist you know, an artist you found online, or maybe you drew it yourself?

I was recently told that all major book titles that go through traditional publishing houses do not get original cover art. Their covers come from royalty-free, stock photo websites. Does that mean that the covers for Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight Saga came from such a website? I find that hard to believe.

The cover art my vanity press supplied me, however, was on one of those sites. It was disappointing, of course, but the thing that really bothered me was being told no one uses original cover art anymore. Is it only us self-published people who spend more than $0.20 on cover art? Don’t you feel like your original cover art is special, and sets your book apart from the rest?

Yes, I love the cover art I was given for my Billy the Kid book, but part of me is sad that there are other books out there with the same cover mine.

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18 thoughts on “Cover art

  1. I had no idea that was true of big publishers, Briana. But it doesn’t surprise me. It does make me feel really proud of my husband for doing such a great job of designing the cover for my soon-to-be-published novel ‘The Inheritance’.

  2. With e-books, cover art is what sells the book. While stock-photos are helpful, there are still cover artists who take time and effort to create a cover that evokes a book. Often, this is with more popular series or authors, so it is worth more to the publisher to spend the money. As for a self-published book, a snappy cover is what can make or break the book.

    • Very true. This is sage advice, L. Palmer, thank you! I never really appreciated what your cover art can do for you until I found out one of my covers was the reason the book wasn’t selling.

  3. I happen to live with an extremely talented photographer (something I recommend for any author) who provided me with the pictures that I used for both of my novels.

    For what it’s worth, I really do love your cover.

  4. All my covers are 100% original.

    Though for my future books, I do plan on using stock photos.

    At the end of the day, I wouldn’t be too hung up if a cover isn’t original.

    I’ve seen heaps of romance novels where the SAME FRIKKIN shirtless guy model has been used on multiple books from different authors lol

    • LOL! Actually, one of the options for my cover had been a semi-romantic one. Good thing I turned it down. Found a book on amazon just the other day with the same cover! Darn romance genre! haha!
      Thanks Tuan Ho!

  5. I have no idea – did the over art for my first book and are in the process of doing the second too – but it may well be from stock photography that fits the request/vision I write/ask for. 🙂

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