3 stars and the power of reviews

A Girl Named Cord got her first 3 star review!

This was a cute story. But a little too predictable and everything was all tied up in a pretty package with a bow on it. It was a quick read and still enjoyable.

Thanks for this nice review, Pamela!


This reviews was very special for me because:

1. It is from a person I do not know.

2. It is my first 3 star review ever.


But it also made me think. I’m not an avid book reader so much these days, and I don’t read many kindles. The only kindle books I buy are from friends, or books from friends/acquaintances of friends. In those cases, the other reviews on amazon mean very little to me. But, from the viewpoint of a person who doesn’t know me or anything about my book, the ‘teaser’ we authors provide are possibly a little bias. This is when the reviews really do the speaking for our books and will either snag a sale or turn buyers away. This is why I review all the kindle books I read. I was seen one instances where my review was cause for a lady to try a book she’d normally never read. That, to me, makes the time it takes to write a review worth it.

What about you? What do reviews do for your books, and what is your feelings on giving reviews?

28 thoughts on “3 stars and the power of reviews

  1. I give reviews when I can, but I’ve been more writer than reader lately. As for reading my own reviews, I’m trying not to these days. I get too invested in them. I’ll peer through the 5 and 4 stars to get a clip to post as a promo piece. Beyond that, I need to limit my emotional investment in them. Congrats on the 3 star.

  2. I try to review everything I read, but I’m such a slow reader 🙂 I don’t know if I would review a book if I couldn’t give it at least 3 stars. And I’m cautious in my reviews of genres that I’m not very familiar with. One thing I wonder about with your genre (Young Adult Fiction) is whether the reviewers of your books are all young adults. I guess I’m wondering if an older reader might have different expectations of your books than younger readers and whether that is fair. Then again, when I read The Night I Walked Off Boot Hill, I had no difficulty in embracing the story, even though I’m considerably older than your target audience 😉

    • LOL! Why, young lady, I think you’re the perfect age for my books! 🙂
      I do get what you’re saying with something you didn’t like. But so far, I know what I’m getting into with the books I get. I read all the excerpts and things, so I know right off if it is something that interests me. But I’m a slow reader, too. Also hard for me to find time to just read.
      I don’t think ‘A Girl Named Cord’ is strictly YA, but it would be acceptable for some one from that age group. I try to keep my books family friendly. 😉

      • You are too funny and very sweet:). You’re right, YA can have a broad appeal. I imagine a number of older folk read YA in part to find good books to pass along to their younger family members. I’ve been reading in different genres lately, in part because some books I’ve gotten were in exchange for an honest review. I’m happy to say that, so far, I can enjoy any genre as long as the writing is good 🙂

  3. Congrats on the review Briana! I’ve only ever written one review actually, in exchange for a free copy of the book. I don’t yet have a kindle so I get most of my books hard copy from the local library. Maybe I’ll get a kindle for Christmas!

  4. I’ve only had a few reviews so far, but they are helpful in letting me know how people feel about the book – I always knew The Seed was heavy and introspective, what the reviews show is some love that and some don’t…so I’m hoping the variation (which is so far on Goodreads) does make other potential readers choices easier – will it be their thing or not, and so forth. I love it when people love the book, of course, and when they get it, understand why it is the way it is etc, but feedback of any kind is useful. I had quite a bit from manuscript assessors and my editor with The Seed before I published it, so I worked on making it what I wanted with their advice about how to structure such a book etc. the difficulty beyond that is accurately describing it for marketing, so I think varying reviews help with that – obviously as long as they come from an honest and generous spirited place (which so far I’ve been blessed with getting from my reviewers).

    As to reviewing, I want to do that when I can for much the same reasons. I probably wouldn’t review a novel by a well known author, but would try to do it for any new and up and coming ones. 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your review Briana – well deserved. And it does feel great when someone that you don’t know takes the time to read and review. I haven’t read it yet but you know that I will of course do a review when I have. 🙂

    • A review from and stranger that liked the book is even better! LOL! I have yet to read a book I haven’t enjoyed (but I am picky with what I buy. I only get it if I’m sure I’ll like it!) so have not had to give any negative reviews, thankfully! 🙂

  6. Congrats on your review. I’m glad a review led someone to buy your book. I’ve bought books because of reviews, but only those that provide good, nonspoilery information about the book.

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