Love being a writer

It is amazing all the things a writer can do. The way their minds work.

Some people do not understand or appreciate the fact that us writers put a piece of ourselves into our work. That we love what we do with our heart and soul, and that it takes so much time, and patience, and devotion to do what we do.

I’ve been doing some things that challenge my writer’s mind. I’m trying to write outside my comfort zone. A friend suggested the idea, and I gave it a shot. And I actually had fun trying out different genres!

It simply amazes me how much words can affect you. One little sentence can make you happy, make you laugh, make you sad, or even make you feel pain. I don’t know if my writing has ever touched people in any of those ways, but I hope they do. And that got me thinking. What would the world be like without books and storytellers? Movies and music are great, but nothing beats a good book. I am just glad that I have been able to make a contribution, no matter how small, to the literary world. And I thank all the people who have encouraged me from the very beginning, cheered me on, pointed out flaws, and most of all the people who’s kind words picked me up when the world crashed down on me.

12 thoughts on “Love being a writer

  1. So true, words are very powerful and I’m not sure I could bear to live in a world without books and stories. Your words have touched me Briana, I felt genuine happiness and sadness at different times, as I was reading a Girl Named Cord. Have a great week:-) Blessings, H xxxxx

    • Oh, Harula, thank you so much!
      Hearing that, I feel like a real author all over again, all doubt erased from my mind. I am so glad. 🙂 Thank you again!
      I hope you have a beautiful week, too!!!

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