Fallen Angels – A short story by Dani Vedsted

Beautiful short story by the very talented, Dani Vedsted!


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 “Peter please don’t go!” Mia sobbed into the sleeve of her white lacy dress.

Peter closed the door with a sigh and came to stand beside his fiancée, cupping his hands around her face. “Mia, my love, do not cry. I have been summoned to war, yes, but I will only be gone for a few months. I promise I will see you soon.” And with that he disappeared through the door.

Mia wiped her cheek with the palm of her hand and stretched her wings. She had better check on her sister, Lydia.


No!” Mia heard her oldest sister screaming, “You can’t go! No!”

I love you.” was her husband’s rushed reply before he breezed out the door and past Mia.

Great.” Mia groaned as she entered Lydia’s living room. “Lydia? It’s me, Mia. Where are you?”

Go away.” Her sister replied from…

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