Angels and ghosts

In the western genre, what is your opinion of adding angels and ghosts? Has this been done before? Has it been overdone?

Does including angels and ghosts make the western less realistic and make it more like a fantasy book?


27 thoughts on “Angels and ghosts

  1. I know ghosts have been used, but I never heard of angels. I don’t think either has been overdone and I can see how they turn it into a Western/Fantasy combo. Westasy? Fantern? It really depends on the level you include them.

  2. I’m a big fan of mixing genres, myself, so I think a western that had ghosts and angels in it would be kind of fun. Off-hand, the only western that included supernatural elements that I can think of is the comic book Tex Arcana, but I don’t tend to read westerns.

  3. I think anything’s not really western anymore, but why not of you can make it believable and it supports the story.

    By the way. I still haven’t read cord, so you have to hang on a little longer for a new cover concept.

    I’m sorry.

  4. Superstition and the unexplained were part of the Old West and Western lore. Think of all of the ghost stories associated with Tombstone and Dodge City. The song Ghost Riders in the Sky was written in the 1940s, if I remember right. Even practical cowboys can get spooked out on the prairie in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night.

  5. I think it would work just fine! Like Diana said – lots of ghosts circulating around some Western towns and – I’m sure – some Cowboy Story Campfire week-ends. I can imagine an angel easily in a Western…in my family angels are also spirits of the recently deceased who aren’t ready to leave this realm – a spirit sense sort of. Sounds like a fabulous idea, Briana.

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