It snowed last night! Ah, winter! My favorite time to be an author. There’s nothing like being all cozy and warm at your computer, working on your manuscript, cup of coffee or cocoa at your side, and being able to look out the window at the falling snow. Makes life seem just a little bit more magical.

1426485_218571671650083_1937690524_nYah for snow!!!


17 thoughts on “Snow

  1. What a beautiful photo! It doesn’t snow here but I also like winter – the cold and rain outside and cozy warm inside:) I picked up hot chocolate makings earlier this week – and marshmallow creme – yum…stay warm! **hugs**

  2. I miss snow. A couple of weeks ago my husband and I visited my family in upstate New York. The leaves were still pretty although they were past the color peak. We thought it might snow, and I hoped it would, but it didn’t. I love the scene of a snowy landscape on a moonlit night.

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