Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is about so much more than turkey, football, and pumpkin pie. (Though my day also included these things…)

As its name implies, Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. A day to count our blessings. A day to thank the Lord above for everything we have. In our crazy day-to-day lives, don’t we often forget to stop and say ‘thank you’ for the little things that make life so good? I know I do. I have so many wonderful people in my life that I take for granted. I have been given so much. I live in the land of the free. I am a woman who is free to pray, read, write, work, and play however I wish. I know there are many women are not as fortunate. I have a mother and a father who love and support me and have taught me many valuable life lessons. I have a brother and a sister who are very thoughtful and loving and never fail to make me laugh every day. I have friends, both new and old, who have come into my life and made me smile. I own livestock and write books for a living. And I have my memories and imagination. There is so much more. I could go on and on and on. But I’ll stop here.

I guess I’ll end with these words: Happy Thanksgiving, God Bless America, and Good Night All.

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