Facebook is more popular than a real book…

I really can’t believe how popular Facebook is. Nearly everyone is on there. (Myself included, of course.) You can find anything on Facebook. From recipes to hair extensions for horses, and from book promotion sites to games about gardening. It is pretty cool.

But you know what is interesting and rather frustrating? The fact that a single picture of a puppy dog can get over 5000 likes and hundreds of shares and comments in no time at all! How does that even happen???  If one of my books could get that amount of exposure, I’d be thrilled! But all authors know how much work it takes to get that book out there. And how difficult it can be to get people (who aren’t related to you) to start talking about your work of art. So how can a random picture of a sleeping dog do that ? It almost does not seem fair!


17 thoughts on “Facebook is more popular than a real book…

      • I downloaded your book too. Not sure when I will get a chance to read it, but I will try to get to it asap. I was wondering why the reviews from our CSB friends that are on your site, are not on Amazon? Am I not supposed to post reviews because I “know” you online? Not sure of the “rules” but if we say we “know” you online, it seems we could still post reviews on the book sites.

      • Oh Patti! You are so sweet!
        And most of the people who have reviewed my book either posted their reviews to amazon or goodreads, though a few just post it on their personal blogs. I appreciate all reviews I can get on amazon, however, I love it if people take the time to review my book at all! And as far as I know, there really are no ‘rules’.
        Thank you again Patti! 🙂

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