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Choosing a good title for my books is one of the most difficult parts of being an author for me. Like with the Twilight Saga, I never would have thought to choose titles that were did nothing to describe my book like Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, or Breaking Dawn. I’m not saying they aren’t good titles, because they are very good. But I’m just curious how one can pick a keyword from their book that is hardly used at all and use it as their title.

I’m trying to find a title for another YA western, formerly called ‘The Kidd’. But since my latest book, Me and Billy the Kid, is so similar in name, I need a new one. I’m thinking something along the lines of ‘The Alias of a Child’, but I’m just not sure.

So how do you decide on a title for your masterpieces? Do you try to avoid clichés? How many titles do you go through before settling on the right one?

20 thoughts on “A title

  1. I try to make them memorable and connect to the plot. I tend to go very wordy though. One person said I make my titles oddly rhythmic when you say them out loud. Now that you mention it: why is the series called Twilight?

    • Yes, yes, yes! Rhythmic is the perfect way to describe your titles! The titles you use are very attractive to the eye, and flow very easily when spoken aloud. I’m going to have to keep that in mind!
      And it is called Twilight because Edward described being a vampire as an eternity of twilight.
      I think it is an appropriate name, but I still am amazed that the agent thought to use it.

  2. With Red Clay and Roses the title jumped out at me early as I was writing because of recurrent themes and it seemed appropriate, short and easily recalled. I have three other WIPs and I don’t yet have titles for any of them. Sort of makes it tough. It’s title seems to add to its personality in my mind.

    • Red Clay and Roses is easy to remember, and is beautiful and exciting at the same time. I think it is an excellent title!!! 🙂
      And I agree with you, a title is such an important part of the books. Along with the cover, the title is what will grab the readers attention and help them decide if they want to buy the book or not.

  3. Amazing, Thank you for writing which is quite good, best wishes always for writing and best wishes always and greetings, kindness blossoms in your heart

  4. Me again – popping in to say I received your book last week, read it, and loved it of course 🙂 . I’ve put a review on amazon so hopefully that will publish over the next day or so! Well done Briana!! 🙂 🙂

  5. I had a VEEEEERY difficult time thinking up titles for the series I’m releasing at the moment, while the trilogy I wrote over the summer basically named itself (and only one edit done on that one, meaning nowhere near ready).
    It’s pretty frustrating, so I feel your pain!

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