First review for Billy the Kid!!!

“I admit it, I’m a fan of Briana’s work. She’s definitely a voice to watch in the
YA category. She has the ability to bring a story and characters to life with
great economy and to make you really care about the people she describes. This
novella takes figures from history and re-imagines them, including a possible
diversion from standard lore, but you won’t find spoilers in this

I have found with all of Briana’s writing that she captures and
describes strong, feisty, thoroughly likable female protagonists particularly
well. The narrator of this tale shows great loyalty and courage, even in the
face of sometimes confusing and conflicting emotional scenarios.

If I have one criticism of the book it is perhaps its length – this has meant that
the initial introduction to other characters, including Billy the Kid himself,
was not as detailed as the narrator. I think the pace of the book initially may
have contributed to that. But this is a minor quibble – it probably just shows
that I like the way Briana draws her characters so much I’m a bit greedy for
more! I would say, though, if she ever wanted to re-visit this tale as a novel
rather than novella she has provided herself a firm foundation and a taste of
things to come for readers of her work!”


Thank you so much to my dear poet friend, Helen!


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