A Bright New Year

A beautiful little story from a very talented young lady.

Fall'N Love Crafts

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I hope all of you have a wonderful year and I hope that next year is even better for you! I wish you best of luck with your books, art, and everything else any one of you do, I hope everything works out. And I’ve also made up a little story for anyone who needs it to look back on and say to themselves, ‘Don’t judge.’
On a cold, dark, rainy night; a clerk at a hotel was slouching over the desk waiting for the slightest glimpse of a customer. He was about to give up his up-right position when, to his disgust, a woman wearing a levi jacket, a cowboy hat, and nothing but socks entered the building. She smiled kindly as she neared the desk, “Do you have any available rooms?” He took one more look at her socks and snarled, “No, we…

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