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A test…and another post about covers

I am experimenting with a book cover. The cover art I previously had on my book didn’t really look like it was appropriate for my target age group: YA. The cover looked more geared towards MG or younger readers. So I’m switching back to one of the first covers I had made. Hopefully it will snag me some sales. 🙂


One more ‘Final’ cover…maybe

So, it has been brought to my attention that my other cover for The Home Fire seems to be directed for a younger age group that I was wanting. So I now try another cover. More of my own photography… Oh well. I think its pretty and hopefully eye-catching. What do you say?

the home fire cover

I’m a Mommy

I am now a proud Mommy. I just adopted two, beautiful infant girls. They are adorable.

Yes, it wasn’t really planned. I’d been thinking about doing it, but wasn’t really certain. Kids are a lot of work, after all. Especially ones as tiny as these fraternal twins are. They were born last Wednesday around 4 o’clock in the evening.

But I can’t lie that I was super excited to find out that I really would be getting the babies! I was rushing around, of course, getting baby formula, bottles, finding my old playpen, and getting their new room set up.

My little girls’ names are Zeena and Zayve. I am so proud of them and love them dearly. They’re the cutest little things with their pretty, hazel eyes and long eyelashes! But oh my goodness! For as little as they are, they sure are loud! They scream and cry when they want attention, or food, and they love to be carried around!

Oh, did I mention that they are goats? 🙂

Yep. La Mancha and Dwarf Nigerian cross infant goats. They are my future dairy goats. I have a really close friend who raises several different breeds of gouts, as well as sheep and cows and horses and chickens, but when the mother to these twins died, my friend called me and asked if I could take them, since she was too busy to bottle feed them. I didn’t need to be asked twice.

So…I may not be on WordPress very frequently. I’ll get some posts set to publish periodically through the next month, but my main focus is going to be on my new ‘daughters’ In whatever time I have left over, I’m going to be working to get my book, The Home Fire, trying to get it ready for publication and hopefully get it published sometime in March as planned.

So, until I return, take care!!!

Final cover?

I really have yet to master book cover art. Truly. Maybe I try to have too many details and I need to go a little bit simpler. I’m not sure. I’ve tried using my own photographs as covers, and while I thought my selections were good, found out that not everyone liked them. I don’t want my covers to make my book appear to be aimed at little kids, but I need something that appeals to YA, New Adult, and Adult readers.

So for my newest western YA/MG book, I asked a young artist I know to do some cover art for me. I want to know what you think about it. So here it is. Constructive comments are welcome! 🙂

cover art the home fire - Copy

Barbados Tom Q&A

Last Monday I decided to interview one of my book characters, Barbados Tom. Here’s how that interview played out.

Me: Good evening, Tom.

Tom: Howdy, ma’am.

Me: Thanks for coming to talk to me. It’s been awhile since we’ve spoken. Mind if I ask you some questions?

Tom: Don’t mind at all! This wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with the sequel to The Night I Walked off of Boot Hill, does it?

Me: Well now, I was actually going to lead up to that! But yes, I was going to talk about your new book.

Tom: That’s mighty fine! What sort of perils am I going to face in this next book?

Me: Well, you’re going back to Boot Hill.

Tom: *Looks doubtful* So you’re killing me off, are you?

Me: Not really. You’ll have to wait and see what happens, I don’t want to give away any details just yet, you see.

Tom: Alrighty then. So, when is this jolly good book going to be published?

Me: Probably next year sometime. I can’t say for sure yet.

Tom: You tease.

Me: I’m an author. It’s my job.

Tom: I see. Well then, didn’t you have some questions for me?

Me: Yes. Okay, first, how did you get the name Barbados?  Have you ever been there?

Tom: No, I’ve never been there. But when I was a youngster I heard stories of a fellow called Barbados Sam who took a trip to that island whenever he could. the island supposedly granted him invincibility and no lawman could touch him. I hoped the name would bring some good luck to my career.

Me: Oh. And how did that work for you? Did it go as planned?

Tom: You know, for being the author of my book, you’re poorly informed, my dear.

Me: This interview isn’t for my benefit, Tommy.

Tom: Hey now, no name calling.

Me: Actually, Tommy was your given name…

Tom: Never mind. Come on, what’s the next question?

Me: Um…

Tom: Um? For a person who makes your living with words, you sure don’t have much to say.

Me: I know everything about you. So asking you questions is hard. Its like I’m asking myself question.

Tom: I disagree. I am nowhere near as boring as you are.

Me: *growls*

Tom: Its true, you know.

Me: You do want to get killed off in the next book, don’t you?

Tom: *Backtracking* Of course not, I just meant that, well, um…

Me: And now we’re back to “Um.” Fine. This concludes our interview. Have a nice night, Tom. I’ll talk to you again soon.

Tom: Sounds like a mighty fine plan. G’night, ma’am. Night, folks!


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Here With the Wolves

My upcoming Werewolf book is in the spotlight! 🙂

Mari Wells

Today I’m honored to have Brianna Vedsted, and an excerpt of her novel “Here With the Wolves”.

Chapter one

Thick clouds mask the full moon, but its presence cannot be completely hidden. The sluggishness of the black night is suddenly shattered by a woman’s scream. A creature, covered in shaggy fur, sniffs the base of a tree trunk before pointing its nose to the sky and letting out a heart-chilling howl.
A howl in the distance answers the first. The shriek abruptly ends and is followed by a chorus of eerie, jovial baying.
“I can do this.” I repeat over and over, looking at my own reflection in the mirror. “I can do this.” I’m gripping the edge of the countertop with such force that my knuckles are white.
All I can think about is last month’s hunt. It was a nightmare. I stayed at the back the whole…

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Ask a Character

Out of my four published books, The Night I Walked off of Boot Hill has been the most popular so far. After reading a post about an author interviewing her own character, I was inspired to put a new twist on this idea. Since I feel like I already know everything about my characters, I’m wondering what kind of question you (yes, YOU! The person reading this right now!!!) might have for my character. Today I’m talking about Barbados Tom from The Night I walked off of Boot Hill. For those of you who had read the book, or are just curious about this (fictional) old west outlaw, bring on the questions!!! 🙂

Once I’ve got several questions for Tom, I’ll make a post answering your questions.

I’m thinking about doing this every Monday for a new book character each week. I know I interviewed most of the characters from my upcoming werewolf book, but haven’t really taken the time to talk to my western characters. Except for Billy the Kid, who rather enjoys hanging out with D.

So, dear readers, what would you like to know about Barbados Tom?

Happy Valentine’s Day

In honor of the ‘Lover’s Holiday’ that is upon us today, here is an excerpt from my western romance book, Me and Billy the Kid.


Softly, Garrett asked me, “Angel, won’t you stay with me? Don’t go back to Billy.” My mouth fell open, but no words could be heard.

Garrett wasn’t finished; he held out a satchel, “Make up your mind Angel: stay here with me and let me protect you. I’d be good to you, Angel, and I’d be good for you. Or you can take this bag; inside there are twenty dollars, a change of clothes, your gun and knife, and enough food and water to last you a week, and you can run. Run as far as you can. Maybe Billy will take you back and maybe not. Either way, I’ll always love you, and I’ll be hoping you’ll come back here and knowing it won’t take long for me to win you over, really win you over. And I’ll be wishing you’ll come to love me, too.”

I hadn’t expected this. Garrett loved me? Sheriff Patrick Garrett loved me? Impossible, and yet, hadn’t I know that all along? Didn’t I see it in his eyes? Or tell by the way he walked beside me, protective and loyal? Yes. I had known. And hadn’t I been just the tiniest bit proud? Or maybe the right word was smug. Yes, that was true. But did I love him back? My heart pounded and I screamed at myself, ‘Traitor!’ as I finally unraveled one of the many feelings I had for that tall, dark eyed man that was beside me.

I felt a…fondness towards him. Of course, it was nothing like the deep love I had for Billy, but still, there was something. But if I had to choose, even if Billy didn’t love me anymore, I would never, could never, choose Garrett.

He was the Law. I ran from the Law. So why wasn’t I running now? My heart was pounding in my throat as I reached out and roughly took the satchel from Garrett’s hands. I turned, but not in time to miss seeing the immense hurt in his eyes. But the hurt was replaced almost instantly with determination. I could tell Garrett was going to try and earn my love.

I spurred my horse forward, hearing him call after me, “I still love you! I’ll be waiting for you! Angel, please!” I tried to block his words, but they found me, hurting and burning me like hot coals.


Amongst the Wolves

One totally awesome excerpt from one totally awesome werewolf work-in-progress book! Check this out!!!

Mari Wells

I’m honored to present you all an excerpt from Amongst the Wolves by Danielle Vedsted. Thank you, Danielle for sharing with us.

I lost my train of thought and my mouth started working on its own accord. I told him what had happened yesterday with Dustin and then about my unusual dream. After I was done I took a deep breath, “So, what’s happening to me?”
Kenneth sat in silence for a moment, apparently deep in thought.
I squirmed, waiting for him to say something.
Finally, Kenneth looked at me again and gave me a reassuring smile. “I think you lack companionship. It sounds to me like you need a friend.”
“Wait. What? I’m lonely? That’s why I just dreamt about a pack-wide apocalypse and totally flunked my practice hunt yesterday?”
“It’s not unusual for a trainee to mess up every now and then. No one is perfect.”
I rolled…

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