Some tips for new authors

The greatest advice I can give to a new author is this: If you love writing, then do it. Do it because it makes you happy. And just ignore negativity.

That’s the best I have for you aspiring authors. Because there is going to be negativity. You can’t stop or prevent it, so you just have to live with it. Don’t let it get to you. I’ve heard that there are some reviews who are purposely cruel with their reviews because they are trying to be helpful by ‘thickening’ the new author’s skin. And then there are just the bullies or dream smashers who are out to hurt you. Ignore all these people. Write for your own enjoyment. This is tough to do if you’re trying to provide for yourself and/or your family, but its something that you must do.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be a writer. That your book isn’t good. Or that you aren’t a good author. Their opinion really doesn’t matter. That may sound really mean or arrogant, but unless you want to let every bad critique get to you and make you feel worthless, this is the best attitude to have. Just live your dream. Its is what you want that is important. Don’t let other people dictate your life.

Here are a few post from other authors about the negativity that authors can/will face and a few ideas on how to deal with it:


10 thoughts on “Some tips for new authors

  1. I agree with you, and if it’s a bully it’s right to ignore him or her. However, if the person is saying the negative thing trying to be constructive, ignoring him or her it’s just personal damage. Plus I think that any artist should consider positive and negative feedback. It’s too easy to pay attention only to the things we want to hear, but not necessarily it means we’re growing as artists!

    • True, if the advice really could be helpful, then it might be worth it to consider the review and think about updating the book. But if it is nothing more than a personal preference the reviewer is reffering to, it is best just give a deaf ear. It is your book and you wrote it the way you wanted it. Pointing out major typos and the like would be helpful. 🙂

  2. Great approach to this Briana! Frannysteveson also had a great reply. Yes, we need to embrace constructive criticism, so much easier to like only the good stuff. I feel honored that you would consider tagging my blog with so many other great bloggers. I humbly say thank you! We need more light shone on this issue to more authors are not drug into the ‘reveiw’ wars out there. Great job!

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