Amongst the Wolves

One totally awesome excerpt from one totally awesome werewolf work-in-progress book! Check this out!!!

Mari Wells

I’m honored to present you all an excerpt from Amongst the Wolves by Danielle Vedsted. Thank you, Danielle for sharing with us.

I lost my train of thought and my mouth started working on its own accord. I told him what had happened yesterday with Dustin and then about my unusual dream. After I was done I took a deep breath, “So, what’s happening to me?”
Kenneth sat in silence for a moment, apparently deep in thought.
I squirmed, waiting for him to say something.
Finally, Kenneth looked at me again and gave me a reassuring smile. “I think you lack companionship. It sounds to me like you need a friend.”
“Wait. What? I’m lonely? That’s why I just dreamt about a pack-wide apocalypse and totally flunked my practice hunt yesterday?”
“It’s not unusual for a trainee to mess up every now and then. No one is perfect.”
I rolled…

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