Here With the Wolves

My upcoming Werewolf book is in the spotlight! 🙂

Mari Wells

Today I’m honored to have Brianna Vedsted, and an excerpt of her novel “Here With the Wolves”.

Chapter one

Thick clouds mask the full moon, but its presence cannot be completely hidden. The sluggishness of the black night is suddenly shattered by a woman’s scream. A creature, covered in shaggy fur, sniffs the base of a tree trunk before pointing its nose to the sky and letting out a heart-chilling howl.
A howl in the distance answers the first. The shriek abruptly ends and is followed by a chorus of eerie, jovial baying.
“I can do this.” I repeat over and over, looking at my own reflection in the mirror. “I can do this.” I’m gripping the edge of the countertop with such force that my knuckles are white.
All I can think about is last month’s hunt. It was a nightmare. I stayed at the back the whole…

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