Final cover?

I really have yet to master book cover art. Truly. Maybe I try to have too many details and I need to go a little bit simpler. I’m not sure. I’ve tried using my own photographs as covers, and while I thought my selections were good, found out that not everyone liked them. I don’t want my covers to make my book appear to be aimed at little kids, but I need something that appeals to YA, New Adult, and Adult readers.

So for my newest western YA/MG book, I asked a young artist I know to do some cover art for me. I want to know what you think about it. So here it is. Constructive comments are welcome! 🙂

cover art the home fire - Copy


5 thoughts on “Final cover?

  1. I like the artwork Briana. That being said, my only concern is that it might miss the YA group a bit as it appears that it may be geared toward a somewhat younger crowd (this of course is only my opinion and I’m certainly no expert). If a younger crowd is the intention of this novella, which based on the fact that you mentioned YA/MG I don’t think it necessarily is, then I think you might miss some of your target audience. I hope that you don’t take this as being harsh, that is not my intention in any way.

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