The #1 Priority

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Colorado Sheep'n'Goats

The most important thing to any sheep or goat operation-no matter how big or small-is animal health. If you don’t have healthy animals, you don’t have anything. Some key factors of keeping your herd healthy is

1. Easy access to clean, fresh water at all hours of the day, and even at night.

2. Plenty of good quality feed. Either grass or grass/alfalfa hay or a good pasture will do.

3. A well ventilated (but draft free) enclosure that allows your animals to get out of the wind, rain, and/or hot sun as well as a pasture or a fenced-in yard for the animals to get outside and exercise. Animals need fresh air, too!

4. A trace mineral block or a pan of loose minerals (you can buy either of these at any farm supply store.) CAUTION! If you raise sheep, be sure that any trace mineral block, salt block, or a free choice…

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