Archive | August 2015

All things change in time

Oh my! It’s been a long time! I think it’s been well over a year since I have even logged on to my blog here on WordPress! It’s been so long and my life has changed so much, that I can’t even remember what it must have been like to devote hour after hour to both my blog and the books I was writing. Why, it’s been more than a year since I even worked on any of my manuscripts. The poor things are now sitting under a layer of virtual dust and cobwebs, remembering the good old days when I devoted my every waking hour to them, pouring out my heart and soul into those blank pages and giving life to people and plots that aspired to one day become a published book. But, my dreams and goals have changed. My husband and a new career takes up the majority of my waking hours now, and even holding (let alone having time to read) a book is a thing of the past.

I love my new life. I wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m no longer chasing after my author dreams, but am rooted in reality. I have a job that supports me and pays the bills. I know now that realistically, my writing would never give me such comfort and stability. And I’m fine with that. I truly am happy.

To all my writer friends who gave me support, advice, and most importantly, your time, I want to thank you so much. And wish you luck! I hope you achieve all your life goals and that your dreams come true! 🙂 I may return one day, to once again try my hand at writing, and to see how you all are doing, but until then, good luck and God bless!