Author Interview Program #21

I finally managed to get in touch with this gifted authoress and talk to her about some of her work-in-progresses! Please give Ms. Kristen Poli a nice round of applause!

Where can we find you? (website, blog, twitter, facebook, etc.)The best place to find me is through WordPress, at sugarxwolf[dot]wordpress[dot]com.

What is your author name And is it a pen name?
My author name is Kristen Poli, and it is not a pen name.

What is the title of the book you’re currently working on?
I have a few novels in the works at the moment. The one that is garnering most of my attention at the moment is tentatively called “Crown.” My other novels in the works are called “Bloodwork,” “Downfall,” and “Beneath the Blue.”

What is the genre of your book?
“Crown” is a YA novel, as best as I can tell at the moment. The other three are all in the fantasy genre.

3-4 sentence synopsis of your book:
“Crown” is a novel centered around Crystal, the new student, at a privileged New York City high school. She will need to learn how to maneuver not only between classes and extracurricular activities, but also the drama and lies that descend from her new classmates. Time will tell if Crystal will succumb to their peer pressure, if she will rise above it, or if she’ll twist it around entirely.

What inspires you to write?
I first started writing after being inspired by my favorite video games and soundtracks, to be honest. The gorgeous fantasy worlds and twisting plots of the games and the sounds of music sparked my creative energy. How brilliant would it be to live in a world where fire and ice could dance together, where animals could spin tales as well as any human, where the clouds were made of marshmallows and floated in a maroon polka dotted sky. Nowadays, my muses still get a good boost from video games, movies, and music, but my family is also a source of amazing inspiration. Everyone is supportive of my need and want to write, especially my younger sister Rachel whom shares my passion. Having someone who understands everything you are going through on this journey to being a writer is fantastic, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Self Publish or Traditional? Why?
I would prefer traditional, considering it seems more professional, but I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at self-publishing. Self-publishing would give me more control, despite the additional work on my end, and it would certainly help my credentials as an author when I do find a traditional publisher.

What advice would you give an aspiring author?
Read everything you can get your hands on, in all sorts of different genres. Take risks. Take a walk. Talk to people. Be inspired. Be inspiring. Most importantly, keep writing and never give up. Honestly, as an aspiring author myself, actually getting all of those words down on paper is the toughest aspect of being an author. However, if you have the burning need to keep writing, if you have ink rather than blood running through your veins, then you’re well on your way to becoming an author.

Author Interview Program #20

Yah! I’ve got another author it interview! Please welcome this very talented young author: Ms. Elaine Jeremiah.

Where can we find you? (website, blog, twitter, facebook, etc.)

I have a blog which can be found at: and I’m on twitter: @ElaineJeremiah I don’t currently have an author Facebook page but I may set one up eventually.

What is your author name? And is it a pen name?

Elaine Jeremiah is my real name. I’ve pretty much decided not to use a pen name. I think my name is fairly unusual anyway, so I don’t see much problem with using it. And I don’t mind people knowing that I’m the author of my work.

What is the title of the book you’re currently working on?

I’m currently editing my novel ‘The Inheritance’ but I’ve started another which has the working title ‘Reunion’.

What is the genre of your book?

‘The Inheritance’ is NA contemporary drama while ‘Reunion’ is women’s fiction.

3-4 sentence synopsis of your book:

‘The Inheritance’ is a modern reworking of ‘The Prodigal Son’, the parable Jesus tells in the Bible about the wayward son who demands his share of his inheritance, then leaves his father and brother and gets into a lot of trouble. I’ve updated it to present day England and instead of two brothers, I’ve changed it to two sisters living on their father’s farm in Cornwall. The younger one is headstrong and troublesome; she wants her inheritance immediately so she can go to London to live how she wants to. The elder sister is more sensible and loves living on the farm, helping their father to run it and she can’t see why her younger sister is in such a hurry to leave.

What inspires you to write?

I guess in part it’s the novels I read that have inspired me to write. There’s just something wonderful about being able to lose yourself in a good book, to enter into another world in your mind. I’d really love to be a part of that, to have my stories out there being read, adding them to all the great ones out there already.

Self-Publish or Traditional? Why?

For the moment I’m planning to go down the self-publishing route because I’d like my work to be in the public domain sooner rather than later. With a previous novel I wrote, I did apply to a few agents but got nowhere with it. It’s so time consuming and discouraging. With self-publishing you’re your own boss. You can do things your way and in your own time. I know that as an indie author you have to do all the marketing etc. yourself, but at least you’ve got more control over your writing career. And as a self-published author whilst you may not get an advance, you do get 70% of sales.

What advice would you give an aspiring author?

Well I’m an aspiring author myself really, but my advice for others would be to just keep practising. Keep honing your craft and don’t give up. If you’re persistent with your writing efforts, you’ll find that you’ll improve. Once you’re satisfied that you’ve finished your work in progress, you’ve been through it all thoroughly and had it read by others too, look at all the options. Decide what’s best for you, whether it be to go down the traditional route for publication or to try to self-publish. Remember that ultimately it’s you that has the power over your own future as an author.

Anything else you’d like to say to your audience?

Persevere! If you think about it there are billions of people in the world, so there’s a big enough audience out there for all kinds of stories. And definitely enough room for your story too.


Author Interview Program #18

I recently met a very nice lady by the name of Jade Reyner. She’s an author, and has a very interesting book series she’s working on. If you’re not already following her, you should stop by her blog and say “Hello!”

1. Where can we find you?
Jade’s Jungle (blogsite)
Twitter – @twelvedaysjade
Facebook –
I’m also on Goodreads and have an author page on Amazon – just search for Jade Reyner.

2. What is your author name and is it a pen name?
My author name is Jade Reyner and yes, it’s a pen name. I am trying to keep my author persona separate.

3. What is the title of the book you’re currently working on?
Twelve Days – The Future. It is the sequel to my first novel Twelve Days – The Beginning.

4. What is the genre of your book?
I am kind of cross genre with this one – in essence it is a romance and as such is pretty racy, although it has a thriller element to it as well.

5. 3-4 sentence synopsis of your book.
I’ll do Twelve Days – The Beginning as that is the one that is published at the moment.
“Twelve Days – The Beginning is an emotional rollercoaster of a book which covers the life of the main character, Elise Grayson, over the period of Twelve Days. The Twelve Days start when she unexpectedly meets Vaughn Granger and in that short space of time, he has an impact on her life that she has absolutely no control over and ultimately, a life changing decision has to be made. During that time friends become enemies, addiction and betrayal form part of everyday life and all that Elise knew and believed to be true is questioned. Twelve Days – The Beginning is dark and emotional in parts, and covers sensitive issues, but has a beautiful and enduring love story at the heart of it which pulls readers in and enables them to identify with Elise and her struggles as she tries to navigate her way through the turmoil that her life has become. There is also a beautiful cast of supporting characters, two of which will have their own book as part of the series.”

6. What inspires you to write?

Put simply – my life and the world around me. I have always been a reader and knew that I wanted to write a novel one day but never thought that I would achieve it. Eventually I got to a point in my life where I was happy and settled and this enabled me to reflect on my past, and by relating this to the present and my observations of life and people, I have been able to build characters and storylines which I hope are both believable and relevant.
I also have to say that if it weren’t for the support of my family, there is no way that I would have written one page, let alone 40 + chapters and it is to them, that I will always be indebted.

7. Self published or Traditional? Why?
I have chosen the self publishing route basically because I am impatient. Once I had the book written I just wanted to see it out there and so the quickest way to do that was to self publish. As have many writers, I have read tons of material on the pros and cons of both routes and I do think that it is down to personal choice. As my journey is developing there is no way that self publishing is the easy option, and whilst it enables you to get your book out there quickly, you have to do everything else on your own which is extremely hard work.
If I had the courage to approach a publisher and deal with the rejections (I am essentially a coward!), then I would never rule out the traditional route. There is a lot to be said for both.

8. What advice would you give an aspiring author?
Gosh. This is a tough one as I still consider myself to be ‘aspiring’. I can’t really comment in terms of success and publication as it is so early in this journey for me, but what I would say is that if you have an idea, then don’t shy away from it. Get it down in whatever format suits you and don’t pressure yourself or compare yourself to others. We are all different, and at times it’s hard not to reflect on what other’s are achieving but I really believe that we have to write because we want to write and if you don’t have that desire, then you may be chasing an impossible dream. It’s certainly not a get rich quick scheme, it’s a labour of love, and you can only really write believable words, if you have the love and desire yourself. Wow – that sounded profound!

9. Anything else you’d like to say to your audience?
Well, just thank you for taking the time to read really. Please feel free to stop by my blog where you can find Chapter One of Twelve Days – The Beginning to read absolutely free. I welcome all feedback and so please, email me or contact me via the blog to let me know your thoughts.

AnnMarie 4

Author Interview Program #17

It seems as though this week has been a good one for author interviews! Here’s another one for you before I call it quits for the week. Please welcome the wonderful Ms. L. Maire!

Where can we find you?

My blog: El Space and on Twitter. I’ll eventually create an author page under my pen name on Facebook. But not right now.  I’d like to sell the manuscript first.


What is your author name?

L. Marie


What is the title of the book you’re currently working on?

Maiden’s Choice


What is the genre of your book?

Middle grade high fantasy. At first I was going for the teen market. But after my beta readers read it, I realized it fits a middle grade audience. And that’s the audience I’ve always written for anyway.


3-4 sentence synopsis of your book:

I can do it in one long sentence: Fifteen-year-old Gerta, who is mocked by the people in her village for believing in dragons they don’t believe exist, has to outwit not only those who kidnap her grandmother and use dragons as weapons, but also the mentor later betrays her.


What inspires you to write?

Everything. Kids, other stories, God, flowers—you name it. As soon as I learned to read, I wanted to write. After reading A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle when I was eight years old, I knew I wanted to write science fiction and fantasy, because those are the stories that flamed my imagination. We always had science fiction books around the house: Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, James Blish. Dad and I would watch Doctor Who, Monty Python, Star Trek (in various forms). He read fairy tales compiled by the Brothers Grimm to me at bedtime. I love those so much! They helped shape my sensibility toward fantasy. Those, and of course, Tolkien’s books. Oh and Robin McKinley—anything she writes.  I have an innate curiosity about everything. My father used to complain that I asked too many questions and wore him out. I ask questions, because I really want to know the answers! Some might call this being nosy. I call it curiosity!


Self Publish or Traditional? Why?

Traditional. I’m shopping my manuscript to an agent now. 


What advice would you give an aspiring author?

Work on your craft. Give it all you’ve got. Don’t settle for a first draft and call it done. Revise and repeat. Be persistent in the face of rejection.


Author Interview Program #16

Today I had the privilege of chatting with my good friend and fellow writer, Francesca. You would probably know her better as Franny, from  You’ll recall that it was this very talented Italian lady who gave me the idea to interview characters from my book. Now living in Ireland, Franny has embarked on a writer’s journey, and she agreed to let me interview her about it. So here she is!

What is your name, and do you use a pen name?

My name is Francesca Dalle Lucche, but I use the pen name Franny Stevenson, so it is easier for my readers to pronounce. A coworker called me “Franny”, and Stevenson is the surname of my favorite author, so I hope it brings me luck!

What books are you currently working on?

Etruscan Pledge is my main book right now and it is almost complete. I’m also working on a series of books, called the Vision Project, the drafts I’ve written for some of the books are the Knife, the Chain, and the Vision, The Heir and the Vision, and Solo of Water.

3-4 sentence synopsis for Etruscan Pledge:

Fedora loses her best friend in a terrible accident. She can’t console herself and decidrs to find a way to talk to him and hug him for the last time. Volterra lies on the ancient Etruscan soil and sometimes the ancient can mix to the modern.

3-4 sentence synopsis for the Vision Project:

The world of Sonrisa is coming out the biggest war everybody had seen. Black Dragon fell after managing to bring down a part of the big smile of the country. The evil Dragon is wounded but it’s not dead, so the next move will be trying to get its revenge moving into the shadow.
The aim will be to manage to let down the good power remaining in the world destroying little by little the key pillars of the Vision, according to which Sonrisa will be saved and freed from them!

What inspires your writing?

People I know, things that happening around me and being twisted by my imagination or association of idea and a big thing is coming out of my dreams!

Self-publish or traditional?

Traditional. I really hope to find an agent that thinks my work is worth his/her time.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

I really have to say I’d say do it only if you love it. Passion powers everything. Passion and enthusiasm are the two things that can probably bring you on even if your head is telling you to give up.

Anything else you’d like to say to your aspiring fellow authors?

For whomever out there that thinks that he/she’s taking long time learning, there is always someone taking longer! And you don’t finish learning. There is something new. Which is good because I think because it means that you’re open and modest enough to learn.


Thank you so much Franny! I had a great time talking to you! 🙂

Author Interview Program #15

Yah! I got another author to interview! For now, until she’s more well-known, we’ll just call her Ellespeth. Give her a nice warm welcome, and than you again Ellespeth!

Where can we find you? (website, blog, twitter, facebook, etc.)

 I am currently putting out pieces of prose for general readership.  These pieces can be found on my blog:

 I am putting these pieces out as feelers for two small books currently seeding in my imagination.  I am open to discussion and critique of these pieces and am trying to figure out how to best facilitate such exchanges.


What is your author name, and do you use a pen name?



What is the title of the book you’re currently working on?

 These are both small books of somewhat attached pieces of prose.  Each small piece is a scene.  Each scene carries the story forward – as the way our lives carry forward.  Very few episodes have complete closure.  This is how I view life.

 The first little book is Flirting With the Moon.  The second little book is Lauradale.


What is the genre of your book?

 Fiction with touches of fantasy – like life.  My hope is that my stories will lend well to many ages.


3-4 sentence synopsis

 Flirting With the Moon will be pieces of prose loosely tracing the family line of a family from Scandinavia.  It begins in the mid 1500’s and will end in the present day.  The book will be in the form of stories carried down through the generations.  Both women and men will pass down stories.  That is important to me and challenging at the same time…to ‘see/feel’ life as a man might.  Perhaps developing deeper understanding and respect.


Lauradale is the story of a young woman, from New Orleans – now living in Los Angles, who inherits a ‘cousin’s’ plantation cottage and all of its contents.  A part of those contents is an old chest filled with family documents.  One large bundle, of documents, contains letters and papers and legal documents pertaining to the purchase and history of Lauradale.  The prose pieces will center around those documents and the life of the present day characters.  I’m not sure how yet…not side by side – such as this happened the same.  More like the documents can be story connector prose.


What inspires you to write?

 Quite honestly, anything…depending on the moment and my mood and whether the sky is blue or the moon is full or if I’m inclined to write at that moment.  And the realization that, for the most part – for reasons one might read or write a story, lives all over the world are somewhat similar.  Layers of affluence against the backdrop of poverty; birth; life; death; joy; sorrow; love and loss and anger.  It all depends on what I allow to inspire me that day or that moment.


Self Publish or Traditional? Why?

 I’m not that far, yet.  I suppose having a blog is a form of self publishing.  I’m quite new to blogging but I find it a good way to get my prose out there and read.


 What advice would you give an aspiring author?

 “I work to support my writing,” is what some writers will tell you when asked what they do for a living.  Don’t take that lightly.  Look at Einstein.  He wrote the theory of relativity while working a non-tiring job at the Swiss Patent Office. 

Also, Invest in a good set of headphones and USE THEM.  Listen to music or sounds.  If you are married or share living space, you wearing headphones means ‘disturb me at your own risk.” 

Author Interview Program #14

Finally! Another author to interview! Hallelujah! And here she is, Ms. Lauren Simonis!

Where can we find you?

What is your author name?
Lauren Simonis or L.E. Simonis, haven’t quite decided yet.
Title of the book you are currently working on:
No Sun
What gene do you write?
YA (a little bit of sci-fi, a little bit of romance)
3-4 sentence synopsis of your book:
A girl finds out instead of living out on Earth without the sun, she’s really on the moon in an experimental colony for when the sun does explode. She convinces her parents to let her attend a sort of University on Earth, leaving behind her best friend who is in love with her. While she’s on Earth, the moon colony enters crisis mode. [I’ll stop there, wouldn’t want to spoil the ending 🙂 ]
What inspires you to write?
I was initially inspired by J.K. Rowling as a kid. I wanted to be that person who could write something that would make people want to read.
Self-publish or traditional?
I know this is a great debate, especially for authors, like myself, who haven’t been published yet. I would lean toward traditional publishing because it is the more traditional route and I think has many benefits. However, I can see, as an unpublished author, how the appeals of getting it out and receiving the profit yourself as beneficial for self-publishing. It’s something I am going to need to think about more as I have my book more complete.
Any advice for your fellow authors?
My advice would be to write what you want to write. I’ve always wanted to write a novel but had a hard time finding a story that was sufficient for that sort of length. This past November I did NaNoWriMo which helped force me into a novel, which is where No Sun started. That’s another thing. Do NaNoWriMo. It really helped me not worry about minor details and get a larger picture of what I wanted in my mind. Is the novel good? Absolutely not, but it’s a first draft and one I probably would never have had without NaNoWriMo.
ImageThank you Lauren!

Author Interview Program: Lucky #13!

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Ionia Anatolia Mariah Florescu-Martin (Ionia for short!). If you haven’t already met her, you should stop by her blog for a laugh or two. Without further ado, here she is! *Applause* 


Where can we find you?

 Other than with my nose in a book? Okay. 🙂 You can find me at, or on Twitter @readfulthings


What is your author name? Or do you use a penname instead?

 I do use a pen name, in fact I use a couple of them. I like to keep my writing separate from the other things I do in daily life, it helps me stay in “writer mode” when I need to get there. I may have multiple personality disorder but at least I have two other people to blame for my mistakes. 


What is the title of the book you’re currently writing?

 I am nearly finished with a book that will be traditionally published this Fall, appropriately entitled Autumn’s Arrival.”


What is the genre of your book?

 Literary fiction/speculative fiction


What is a 3-4 sentence synopsis of your book?

 Every life has seasons. We start out as seeds, change from color to color as life progresses and eventually wither with age. If you could relive but one day of your life again would you choose a happy one or one you would like to change? If you did things differently, would your life end up the same way?


What inspires you to write?

 Insanity. I have a voice in my head that will begin screaming at me and taking over all other areas of my life until the need is attended to. If I published everything I wrote I may not have any followers, so it is a process of elimination. The better stuff gets published, the rest clutters my desk eternally. 


Self-publish or traditional publishing, and why?

 I have done both. Currently, it is traditional publishing. I may at some point in  the future return to self publishing full time. I do like the freedom of choice you have with self publishing, and also the support networks out there (such as your lovely blog) are amazing. The indie author movement shows no signs of slowing down, and I am so happy to see it.


What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

 Write what you love, and write for yourself. The audiences are smart. They know when you are trying to hard to fit your work somewhere just to make a nickel. The best payment there is, in my opinion, is to have fans that return to you because they truly appreciate your writing. This is not the easiest business to be in. There are joys and disappointments just as there is with anything else worth doing in life. Make it your own, publish it the way you want it to be published and remember that free advice is free for a reason (yes, mine included.)


Author Interview Program #12

Its been awhile since my last author interview, but at long last, I got the chance to talk to a fellow author about her book. Please welcome Ms. Angie Skelhorn!

And for any other authors who would like to be interviewed and featured on my blog, just let me know! I’m interested in all types of Middle Grade, Young Adult, or New Adult fiction writing, and I don’t care if you’re a well known author or just starting out.  

1. Where can we find you?
 2. What is your author name? Or do you use a penname instead?
 My name is Angie Skelhorn.
 3. What is the title of the book you’re currently writing?
 An author submits their novella or novel they wrote to reviewers to be reviewed to attract potential readers.  When submitting an anonymous person decides to read the story the writer wanted told and then offer their opinion.
 Reviews can be helpful or hurtful.
 I’m the type of person who can take criticisms.  Good or bad I respect the review.  A reviewer is only using the review to express their opinion about the story.
 The reviewers that take the effort to discuss the actual book and what more they wished had been written inspire me.
 After I read some reviews for my book No Reins, a coming of age story I decided to expand the story to express more horse racing and submit to a new publisher.  The book will contain all of the story from the original book, as well as never work written.
4. What is the genre of your book
 The genre of my book No Reins is YA, teen, romance.
5. What inspires you to write?
There is nothing better on a summer’s night than the sound of horse’s hooves as they hit the track surface, the wings fold, and then the horses race.
I became involved with harness racing through my father’s side of the family.  My grandfather could be found at the ticket window making his bet.  My father and my two older brothers owned and trained standard-bred horses.  They have been active in standard-bred racing business their entire lives.
 I began grooming horses at fourteen years old when I found employment at Greenwood Raceway a horse facility in Toronto.  Then it was off to work in the Ottawa area when I was fifteen.
  When I left home I was too young to be afraid.  I wanted some fun and I really enjoyed working with the horses.  Living on the track grounds in my past I faced a few challenges.  My experiences with the harness world in my teens is the more fictional than fact romance story No Reins.
6. Self-publish or traditional publishing, and why?
 I published three ebooks with a small ebook publisher that have typos which were never corrected.  As I waited for the contracts to come due I polished the stories and submitted to publishers who employ editors.  To bring a manuscript to fruition the author writes the story and submits. The editor considers the manuscript beyond the first sale. It is an on going relationship of give and take. Never underestimate the power of a great editor to help improve your story. When it comes time to promote most book bloggers will not consider a self published book to review because of the grammatical errors.
ImageAngie Skelhorn

Author Interview Program #11

Today I had the opportunity to meet and interview a wonderful young lady, Ms. Kristen Mazzola. Please give her a warm welcome!
Where can we find you?

What is your author name? Or do you use a penname instead?

Kristen: My author name is Kristen Hope Mazzola.


What is the title of the book you’re currently writing?

Kristen: Crashing Back Down


What is the genre of your book?

Kristen: New Adult border lining on romance

What inspires you to write?

Kristen: Many things from my life are inspirations to me. The love I get from my friends and family, the times of tragedy that I have experienced and random moments in my life. It all boils down into my innate love for writing, it completely cleanses my soul and fulfills my life. 


Self-publish or traditional publishing, and why?

Kristen: I am leaning towards self-publishing. I feel that I will have more freedom to do with my writing what I feel is best. 


What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Kristen: To all aspiring authors I would say to just write what is in you. To never think about it or try to plan, just let your pen start unraveling a wonderful, uncensored journey.  As authors I feel it is in our veins to take our readers into depths of themselves and ourselves in the rawest of fashions and just bleed.

Thank you Kristen!