Blogger Spotlight…Patti Hall

The blogger I’m spotlighting this week is Patti Hall from

Patti is such a sweet, kind person and she’s always eager to help out her wordpress friends, even if she’s only just met them, as I recently found out. I want to extend a very heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to Patti for talking with me the other day, and for speaking from her heart to mine. She really did make my day so much better.


Please go visit this splendid lady on her lovely blog!

The new author on the block!

Hi everyone! I wanted to tell you about the newest author on wordpress. His name is Tony, and he recently published his first book, Abielia. Would you please do me a favor and stop by his blog,, and say “Hi” to him for me? And I’m sure he’d welcome any hints you other self-published authors have to offer. Maybe you can give him editing or marketing tips.

Or you can even buy his book. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind that! :)  It is about a half angel / half demon who gets thrown out of heaven and must live here on earth until she can find a way back home. I’ve only just started it, but it looks like a very interesting book!


Blogger Spotlight

I’m starting a new category of posts. I’m calling it my Blogger Spotlight. The blogger I’m doing this week always has phenomenal advice for authors. Swing by her site, if you’re not already following her, and see what this talented author has to say!
Here she is: Victoria Grefer at:

A few helpful posts: