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I have a fabulous new review! Thanks so much to Rosie Amber for taking the time to review my book, Me and Billy the Kid!!!

Who was Billy the Kid?

4 stars

What do people know about Billy the Kid? The name alone is famous in history and from the silver screen. But what was he really like? Briana has written a book around the stories and tales which abound about this historical character. She has tried to provide possible answers to such questions as; “Why was Sheriff Pat Garrett so bent on catching Billy?”, “Why did Pete Maxwell betray Billy?” and “Was Billy really murdered in 1881?”

Briana introduces Angel Garther to the scene, a women could well had been associated with Billy and his gang. This book is Angel’s tale, the story from her possible eyes. Eyes that saw the reality behind some of famous shootouts, like The Lincoln County War and Gunfight at Blazer’s Mill. Angel is portrayed as a strong women and one who would go to lengths to stay with Billy because she knew that William H Bonney (Billy the Kid) was not a monster, just a kid who’s been hurt a long time ago.

I liked the story, as a kid I loved watching Westerns on a Saturday afternoon. The scenery, the gunfights, the heroes, the goodies and the baddies. It was good to think about what life was more likely to have been, how raw life was, full of hot emotions, where nearly everyone had a gun and men shot first and asked questions second. It certainly was a part of history which shouldn’t be forgotten.


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A Review!!!

Yah! I finally have another review for Me and Billy the Kid! Yippie! Thanks so much, Elaine! 🙂

This novel was a story based loosely on the life of Billy the Kid but with a difference. The author has created a character, a love interest for Billy called Angel Garther. The story follows the lives of Billy and Angel with Billy’s gang as they roam around the south and west of 19th century America.
Although the opening of this novel was rather slow, it’s definitely worth a read. The author portrays Angel, Billy, their comrades and the men of the law who are pursuing them with sensitivity. There are no ‘good guys and bad guys’, just human people. When reading it, it becomes apparent how infatuated with Billy Angel is. But she loves him too and sticks with him to the end.
I liked the twist at the end of the book. Let’s just say it’s rather different from the historical account of Billy’s life, but none the less interesting for that. All in all an interesting read.


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A review

A new review for A Girl Named Cord.

I read this book in two days flat, and it was just what I needed – an engaging, fast paced, plot driven adventure full of drama, taking me deep into another world and distracting me from this one for a while. The Western genre is well invoked, not only by vivid descriptions, but by the authentic dialogue which I could almost hear as I read it. I quickly grew to care about the central character, and was glad to see a plucky, female lead who showed great courage and love.

The writing is clear and uncomplicated, and in this modern world of turmoil and cynical disbelief in happy endings, I enjoy reading such stories, and seeing things turn out exactly as they should, or would – in an ideal world. I read for different reasons, and for pure entertainment and distraction this book fitted the bill perfectly. It would have benefited from slowing down a bit at times, to give room for a bit more background and character development, as occasionally the action lacked obvious roots. However, I enjoyed the fact that it was delivered in two parts, the second set many years later, which satisfied my impatient wish to know how things turned out in the long run, and gave the whole thing a pleasant, epic feel.  I would happily read more work by this author.

Thanks to Harula for this great review! 🙂

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A lovely review!

A Girl Named Cord has just received such a lovely review!


“If I may start this review with a kind of comparison – I recall reading something Joss Whedon wrote once which, if I paraphrase correctly, said something like ‘you make a great drama by taking people that the reader cares for and putting them in peril’.  He might also have said of his work that throwing in a redemptive story arc also adds to the mix very well.  And in doing so you’d have about as good a description of Briana Vedsted’s ‘A Girl Named Cord’ as you could get.

She creates heart-warming, real characters, introducing them in a gentle and thoroughly likeably way at the commencement of the story, but with some hints and foreshadowing of the conflict yet to come.  And just when you’re really invested in these characters, the conflict comes in full force, with real drama and high stakes action that is compelling and unputdownable.  Then we have a resolution for a time before the past rises again to be reckoned with, for good or ill.

Cord is a lively and kind character with real strength and strong principles and she takes us on a merry ride through the tale.  She makes a great heroine for a wonderful YA western novel and I found myself visualising her tale like a movie, so strong was the impact of Briana’s writing.  I’ve liked Briana’s earlier work very well, but see real progression in this novel.  Her writing and story-telling ability is growing apace, just like the speed and vividness of her novel.  I recommend the novel highly to those that love YA books, westerns, and really anything with high stakes drama, redemption, and a warmth in characters that brings a genuine tear to the eye.”


Thank you so much to Helen Valentina for this wonderful review!!!

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Bestiary of Blatherhorn Vale


As I travelled through Blatherhorn Vale via this book of whimsical poems, I could not help but be amazed by the author’s imagination. I wonder how he ever came up with the names and descriptions of such wild and delightful new creatures. I loved the Tree Fox, the Wedge-Billed Wolgat (what girl wouldn’t like a pink and purple bird?), the Nocswine, and the Soft-Bellied Strudge. These poems give the reader stunning visual pictures of the mysterious Blatherhorn Vale. If you like fanciful poems or reading about creatures other than the usual dragons, unicorns, and trolls, you’re going to love this book!

Customer Testimonial

Scentsy is an incredible product. I have always used candles and potpourri pots. But now I will only use Scentsy wax warmers. They heat up and fill the whole room with fragrance in about an hour. There is a wide variety of warmers to choose from, so I was able to find the perfect one for me, and I was also able to find the perfect fragrances, since Scentsy has well over 80 varieties. The wax cubes last a long time and are highly concentrated, and the best part is neither the wax nor the warmer will burn you, which is perfect for kids, pets, and any one else who might be a little clumsy or curious. At first I didn’t think that was possible, that was until I stuck my finger in the melted wax and came away unscathed! The representative is very friendly and willing to help in whatever ways she can. I got my order in two weeks, and everything was perfect, no broken or missing items. I’ll definitely continue using Scentsy. Thank you Scentsy and thank you Claire Luanne Daves!  

Legends of Windemere

Beginning of a Hero (Legends of Windemere)

I just finished reading the new book by Charles E. Yallowwitz, Legends of Windmere: Beginning of a Hero.

In a world of magic and monsters, young Luke Callindor longs for an adventure and when an opportunity so appealing practically lands in his lap, he doesn’t hesitate at the opportunity to take it, even though it costs him a few beatings and the heart-wrenching loss of his best friend. He arrives at the Hamilton Military Academy where he makes a few friends while he searches for the Duke’s heir, who turns out to be one of the more unlikely candidate.
I really enjoyed this book because I felt like I was able to understand where Luke is coming from: he wants to make a name for himself, not just be respected because of his family’s legacy. You can often feel his pain and joy as if it were your own, and the ending leaves you wanting more. There are a few things not meant for younger children, but older teens and adults would enjoy this book. I liked that the author added humor and made his characters very down-to-earth.

You can find his book here, on