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Here is my review for ‘Abielia’:

5 stars

Abielia is half angel and half demon. She is a sweet child, with some bad habits, causing her to be turned out of Heaven. Abielia comes to Earth to live amongst us and save us from not only ourselves, but dark and dreadful monsters. Abielia became friends with a lovely, kindhearted businesswoman named Myra, who soon came to be one of my personal favorites. Myra has such a childlike innocence about her and her playful nature always kept Abielia and I laughing. But it wasn’t until Myra’s wildcard brother showed up that I was truly mesmerized by how the author made each of his characters new and unique, like nothing I’d ever read before.

This début novel by author Anthony Chylik is one of a kind. Join this cast of very true-to-life characters. This is a book that really makes you sit back and think. I was also impressed by the author’s eye for detail and the amount of research he put into this book. I was very sad when I turned to the last page. I hope that one day I will return to Amazon to find the second installment of this series.



To find out more about this thrilling book, check out the author’s blog here.

Or, you can just buy the book here. You have the option of an eBook edition, paperback, or hardcover.

The new author on the block!

Hi everyone! I wanted to tell you about the newest author on wordpress. His name is Tony, and he recently published his first book, Abielia. Would you please do me a favor and stop by his blog,  http://writinginmontana.wordpress.com/, and say “Hi” to him for me? And I’m sure he’d welcome any hints you other self-published authors have to offer. Maybe you can give him editing or marketing tips.

Or you can even buy his book. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind that! :)  It is about a half angel / half demon who gets thrown out of heaven and must live here on earth until she can find a way back home. I’ve only just started it, but it looks like a very interesting book!