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Another taste of The Home Fire

Here’s another excerpt from my newest book, The Home Fire.


Arriving at the train station three hours early, Kidd settled down on the icy bench and drifted off to asleep. When she awoke, the conductor was blowing a whistle and calling, “All aboard! All aboard for El Paso!”

Dragging her feet, Kidd boarded the train, after she saw to it that Chip was safe and comfortable in the livestock car. Kidd pressed her face against the cool glass, almost expecting to see Dan and Shey there to wave her off. Instead, she saw Rowdy, wearing a fur muffler and a thick scarf, standing by the very bench she had napped on. He didn’t wave. He just looked at her. His eyes were sad. If she could have, Kidd would have gotten off the train right then, but it was already too late. Slowly, the train began moving, and soon, Rowdy was left behind in a cloud of smoke.

Kidd slouched back against the soft seat, but she wasn’t tired. She was homesick. She hadn’t even been away from town for five minutes, and she missed home. She missed Dan and Shey. She missed Socks and Jolly and Nubs and the chickens. And she missed Rowdy. But it was too late to go back now. She worked for Mr. Norton now.

That was all she had left.


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the home fire cover

The Home Fire is here!

Drum roll please! The Home Fire is finally here! Whew! What a long road to publication this little book has had! First written nearly three years ago, it sat-alone and forgotten-for months and months before I began re-writing it. Then came the always fun editing stage, cover design, formatting, and publication date (okay, so maybe not exactly in that order).

So I am very glad I am finally finished with this book. It is a good feeling, to reach a finish line, for sure. Now, I can only pray that no mistakes will be brought to my attention, giving me reason to do any more work on this book. As much as I love each and every one of my books, I only want to have to re-write them once. Don’t get me wrong, spending time with the little bundles of joy is a wonderful thing…unless I’m editing for the millionth time. 🙂 Just have to see how it goes, I suppose!!!

Well, anyhow, the Kindle (eBook) edition of The Home Fire is now live for the special price of $1.99! You can buy it here: The Home Fire eBook

And here’s the link to the paperback: The Home Fire

the home fire cover

Okay, book lovers, have at it! 🙂 If I can get twenty (20) sales by the end of April, I’ll be having a special giveaway! (More details to come!) So come on and help me reach my goal so someone can get some prizes!!!

The Home Fire is almost here!

Only nine days until the release of my new book, The Home Fire! If you’re looking for a book that will transport your imagination to another era, look no further! In The Home Fire you’ll begin a journey through the old west with three youngsters for company. Join Kidd, Dan, and Shey as they search for a place to call home in their own version of the Promised Land. Through the ups and downs of life, follow these three brave orphans and see where their journey takes them. Coming March 20th!

the home fire cover


Jenson made a grab for Chips reins, snorting, “How does a little kid come to own such a horse? What did you do? Steal him?”

Kidd squared her shoulders, declaring, “I did no such thing! I’ve had Chip for a good many years. I’ve been training him since he was two!”

Jenson sneered at her. “Sure you have! Bah! Why, I bet your pappy gave him to you, after he’d been gentled like a kitten. You think you’re a big girl, eh? Pony wise and ready to work on a big ranch? You won’t last five minutes! And I’ll bet you’ll be hard pressed to pay back Boss’s advancement!”

Face on fire, Kidd’s hot-headedness kicked in. She would have punched that brawny, big nosed, over-bearing, lout right in the face, but Morgan stepped in between them, saying, “Back off, Jenson. Don’t mind him, Kidd. He’s all bark and no bite.”

Kidd gritted her teeth, glaring at Jenson, but Morgan touched her arm, forcing her to look up at him. His brown eyes were soft, not at all what Kidd had expected from the rangy cowboy. “Come on,” he urged, taking Chip’s reins and handing them to her.


A Review!!!

Yah! I finally have another review for Me and Billy the Kid! Yippie! Thanks so much, Elaine! 🙂

This novel was a story based loosely on the life of Billy the Kid but with a difference. The author has created a character, a love interest for Billy called Angel Garther. The story follows the lives of Billy and Angel with Billy’s gang as they roam around the south and west of 19th century America.
Although the opening of this novel was rather slow, it’s definitely worth a read. The author portrays Angel, Billy, their comrades and the men of the law who are pursuing them with sensitivity. There are no ‘good guys and bad guys’, just human people. When reading it, it becomes apparent how infatuated with Billy Angel is. But she loves him too and sticks with him to the end.
I liked the twist at the end of the book. Let’s just say it’s rather different from the historical account of Billy’s life, but none the less interesting for that. All in all an interesting read.


Awesome! I’m so happy! 🙂 I do love a good review! 😉

Speaking of, I’m looking for more reviews. If anyone is interested, I’d be happy to send you a free PDf copy of my book in exchange for an honest review by the end of March. It is a western/historic book with a bit of a romance theme, for anyone who is curious! Let me know by the end of the week (3-8-14) and I’ll put your name in the list and get the book emailed as soon as I can. Thanks in advance!

Ask a Character

Out of my four published books, The Night I Walked off of Boot Hill has been the most popular so far. After reading a post about an author interviewing her own character, I was inspired to put a new twist on this idea. Since I feel like I already know everything about my characters, I’m wondering what kind of question you (yes, YOU! The person reading this right now!!!) might have for my character. Today I’m talking about Barbados Tom from The Night I walked off of Boot Hill. For those of you who had read the book, or are just curious about this (fictional) old west outlaw, bring on the questions!!! 🙂

Once I’ve got several questions for Tom, I’ll make a post answering your questions.

I’m thinking about doing this every Monday for a new book character each week. I know I interviewed most of the characters from my upcoming werewolf book, but haven’t really taken the time to talk to my western characters. Except for Billy the Kid, who rather enjoys hanging out with D.

So, dear readers, what would you like to know about Barbados Tom?

The Lady Shoots

Here’s an excerpt from my current WIP, The Lady Shoots.


Stepping out of the cool evening breeze and into the brightly lit barn, Noel found herself surrounded by several dozen dancing couples. Many of the people recognized her and gave her a loud welcome. Blushing at suddenly being the center of attention, Noel began to turn away, but Ryker gently urged her forward.

“I can’t dance,” she whispered to him hastily.

“Nonsense, there’s nothing to it,” Ryker promised. “I’ll show you.” He lightly pressed one hand against her side and took her other hand in his own. Whispering instructions to her, Ryker led her through a slow two-step dance without any difficulty at all.

Excitement bubbling up inside of her, Noel giggled and spun around in a silly little circle. “I can dance!” she cheered.

“You did very well!” Ryker commended.

The fear of tripping and making a fool out of herself quickly dissipating, Noel found that she enjoyed dancing. She caught on very quickly to the steps that Ryker taught her and in no time, the two of them were whirling across the floor, braving even the liveliest of tunes. Lost in each other’s eyes, Noel couldn’t remember a time when she’d enjoyed herself more.

At one point, Ryker borrowed a guitar from a member of the band and began to play. Tapping his toe and chuckling to himself, Ryker ran his fingertips over the strings experimentally. Finding the instrument to be perfectly tuned, Ryker began to play in earnest, his skilled fingers thrumming across the strings with ease, bringing to life a vigorous melody. Looking deep into Noel’s eyes, Ryker grinned and began to sing.

Noel stared openly. Never would she have imagined such a glorious voice could belong to a tough, range-roughened cowboy such as Ryker. That sweet, deep, twanging voice was something that only an angel should rightly possess. She thought she could never tire of watching his flashing white smile transform his tanned face into a strange object of beauty as he laughed and sang. Noel stood with a group of girls from town, her hands clasped together, and her eyes bright as she watched him.


Now availible as an eBook!

Me and Billy the Kid is now available for purchase as an eBook! EBooks are available through Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and Baker & Taylor.


Teaser: Angel Garther is caught between a rock and a hard place. Garrett is so sure that Billy will be furious with her for deceiving him, but Angel doesn’t want to stay there, cooped up in the city while Billy the Kid and their gang rides free across the vast prairie. But if Angel attempts to go after and rejoin him, will Garrett follow and attempt to capture him? In Me and Billy the Kid, you’ll follow Angel as she goes from an orphaned girl without a penny to her name to being the notorious girlfriend of the infamous William H. Bonney, alias Billy the Kid.

Book Signing

Briana Vedsted’s very first book signing will take place on the afternoon of November 16, 2013 at the Library in Cortez, Colorado.

For more details, visit the official site of Me and Billy the Kid: http://me-and-billy-the-kid.tateauthor.com/

#1Eager to read it? Buy it here: http://search.myway.com/search/redirect.jhtml?searchfor=me+and+billy+the+kid+book&cb=MW&n=&qid=306f3db9c8d64a4b8485c9cf8bc23c24&ct=GD&pg=GGmain&ptnrS=mw&action=pick&pn=1&ss=sub&st=site&qs=&tpr=sbt&redirect=mPWsrdz9heamc8iHEhldEZSdxQ6lFZ51aL74Szdp8uW8UxMJ5k8vMkWS0uSaK%2FM9P8rSMnJHXfVJBZxAARhtHbBOMm%2B3v5vShrgmiMhhiv4%3D&ord=1&