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Author Interview Program #15

Yah! I got another author to interview! For now, until she’s more well-known, we’ll just call her Ellespeth. Give her a nice warm welcome, and than you again Ellespeth!

Where can we find you? (website, blog, twitter, facebook, etc.)

 I am currently putting out pieces of prose for general readership.  These pieces can be found on my blog:  http://balconyviewz.wordpress.com

 I am putting these pieces out as feelers for two small books currently seeding in my imagination.  I am open to discussion and critique of these pieces and am trying to figure out how to best facilitate such exchanges.


What is your author name, and do you use a pen name?



What is the title of the book you’re currently working on?

 These are both small books of somewhat attached pieces of prose.  Each small piece is a scene.  Each scene carries the story forward – as the way our lives carry forward.  Very few episodes have complete closure.  This is how I view life.

 The first little book is Flirting With the Moon.  The second little book is Lauradale.


What is the genre of your book?

 Fiction with touches of fantasy – like life.  My hope is that my stories will lend well to many ages.


3-4 sentence synopsis

 Flirting With the Moon will be pieces of prose loosely tracing the family line of a family from Scandinavia.  It begins in the mid 1500’s and will end in the present day.  The book will be in the form of stories carried down through the generations.  Both women and men will pass down stories.  That is important to me and challenging at the same time…to ‘see/feel’ life as a man might.  Perhaps developing deeper understanding and respect.


Lauradale is the story of a young woman, from New Orleans – now living in Los Angles, who inherits a ‘cousin’s’ plantation cottage and all of its contents.  A part of those contents is an old chest filled with family documents.  One large bundle, of documents, contains letters and papers and legal documents pertaining to the purchase and history of Lauradale.  The prose pieces will center around those documents and the life of the present day characters.  I’m not sure how yet…not side by side – such as this happened the same.  More like the documents can be story connector prose.


What inspires you to write?

 Quite honestly, anything…depending on the moment and my mood and whether the sky is blue or the moon is full or if I’m inclined to write at that moment.  And the realization that, for the most part – for reasons one might read or write a story, lives all over the world are somewhat similar.  Layers of affluence against the backdrop of poverty; birth; life; death; joy; sorrow; love and loss and anger.  It all depends on what I allow to inspire me that day or that moment.


Self Publish or Traditional? Why?

 I’m not that far, yet.  I suppose having a blog is a form of self publishing.  I’m quite new to blogging but I find it a good way to get my prose out there and read.


 What advice would you give an aspiring author?

 “I work to support my writing,” is what some writers will tell you when asked what they do for a living.  Don’t take that lightly.  Look at Einstein.  He wrote the theory of relativity while working a non-tiring job at the Swiss Patent Office. 

Also, Invest in a good set of headphones and USE THEM.  Listen to music or sounds.  If you are married or share living space, you wearing headphones means ‘disturb me at your own risk.”