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Author Interview Program #16

Today I had the privilege of chatting with my good friend and fellow writer, Francesca. You would probably know her better as Franny, from http://frannychallenge.wordpress.com/  You’ll recall that it was this very talented Italian lady who gave me the idea to interview characters from my book. Now living in Ireland, Franny has embarked on a writer’s journey, and she agreed to let me interview her about it. So here she is!

What is your name, and do you use a pen name?

My name is Francesca Dalle Lucche, but I use the pen name Franny Stevenson, so it is easier for my readers to pronounce. A coworker called me “Franny”, and Stevenson is the surname of my favorite author, so I hope it brings me luck!

What books are you currently working on?

Etruscan Pledge is my main book right now and it is almost complete. I’m also working on a series of books, called the Vision Project, the drafts I’ve written for some of the books are the Knife, the Chain, and the Vision, The Heir and the Vision, and Solo of Water.

3-4 sentence synopsis for Etruscan Pledge:

Fedora loses her best friend in a terrible accident. She can’t console herself and decidrs to find a way to talk to him and hug him for the last time. Volterra lies on the ancient Etruscan soil and sometimes the ancient can mix to the modern.

3-4 sentence synopsis for the Vision Project:

The world of Sonrisa is coming out the biggest war everybody had seen. Black Dragon fell after managing to bring down a part of the big smile of the country. The evil Dragon is wounded but it’s not dead, so the next move will be trying to get its revenge moving into the shadow.
The aim will be to manage to let down the good power remaining in the world destroying little by little the key pillars of the Vision, according to which Sonrisa will be saved and freed from them!

What inspires your writing?

People I know, things that happening around me and being twisted by my imagination or association of idea and a big thing is coming out of my dreams!

Self-publish or traditional?

Traditional. I really hope to find an agent that thinks my work is worth his/her time.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

I really have to say I’d say do it only if you love it. Passion powers everything. Passion and enthusiasm are the two things that can probably bring you on even if your head is telling you to give up.

Anything else you’d like to say to your aspiring fellow authors?

For whomever out there that thinks that he/she’s taking long time learning, there is always someone taking longer! And you don’t finish learning. There is something new. Which is good because I think because it means that you’re open and modest enough to learn.


Thank you so much Franny! I had a great time talking to you! 🙂