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What do YOU take for Granted?

What do YOU take for Granted?

Your house? Your job? Your parents? Your spouse? The food that’s in your pantry? The air that you breathe? I watched a movie last night starring Sandra Bullock. It was called “Hope Floats”.  At the end, Berdie’s (Sandra Bullock’s character) mother dies abruptly.

That got me thinking: I take so much for granted.

I take my Mom for granted. I know she loves me. She’d do anything for me. But I don’t always take the time to thank her. The same goes for my Dad and two siblings. They all love and support me. And I love them, too, but I sometimes take them for granted. I take for granted the beautiful sun the Lord put in the sky to lighted and warm our world. But one beautiful sunset came make me stop and remember to thank Him. I take for granted all the baby calves that are born. Until we lose one. Then I remember to be thankful that the rest were spared. I hurt my back last summer, and I’d always taken for granted that fact that I could go out and irrigate twice every day, until I couldn’t do it anymore. It was the day I finally felt well again that I gave thanks for a strong back. I take it for granted that I have an imagination gifted enough to write stories. Then I remember the One who gave me my imagination and talent. I’m thankful all over again. I’m thankful for the farm in the country I live on, even though in the summer it tire of the work and complain. I’m thankful of the bountiful garden that provides fresh food for my family, even though weeding is not my favorite pastime.

Today is Valentine’s Day. Take the time today to stop and think about all the things you’ve been given. And please remember to tell all the special people in your life that you love them and appreciate them. 

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