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Meet the Character: Louise (Meyer) Hayes

Hello everyone. I know, it has been awhile since my last character interview. But I been working very hard to find a character who has a little more patience than my last three interviewees, and I think i finally found her. Please meet Mrs. Louise Hayes, mother of Desiree Hayes.

Birthday: February 6th

Favorite Movie: Sound of Thunder

Favorite Food: Anything with pasta

Me: Hi Louise, how are you today?

Louise: I’m just wonderful, thank you for asking! And thank you for inviting me here today. Come now, don’t be shy! I don’t bite…humans, that is!

Me: Oh, oh yes! Hahaha! I wish you’d have taught your daughter not to bite.

Louise: *shakes head sadly* Ah yes, you’ll have to forgive my daughter. She’d dealt with many hardships in her young life.  

Me: Hardships?

Louise: Her father died when she was young and she was in a very rough relationship.

Me: Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t know—

Louise: Not many people know. After the breakup, Desiree became very distant. She has a close circle of friends and doesn’t venture out often to meet new people. The only person she’s made any attempts to be friend with in the last four years is Viviana Vancouver, my trainee. Other than that, she’s stuck like glue to Margery and Kate.

Me: She thinks very highly of you, too.

Louise: Yes, that’s true. She’s idolized me, I’m afraid. And she’ll be content with nothing less than being like me. For some reason she seems me as a pillar of strength and bravery.

Me: Some say she’d have been a good alpha.

Louise: Ah, that would have made me so proud! But Desiree isn’t alpha material. She lets her heart rule her emotions. She doesn’t think clearly at times. She’s judgmental and has a sharp tongue. Kenneth and I grew up together. He was a year older than I was, but I always knew that no one would have made a better alpha. Not Rodger Vancouver and surly not me. his sisters, Jana and Missy, were the sweetest, pretties girls in the whole pack, and Kenneth was the smartest, most handsome boy I’d ever met.

Me: Do I hear a hint of jealousy, Louise?

Louise: *blushes* Of course not. I’ve never been vain of my looks. But if only you could have seen them: when the three of them walked down the hallways at school, it was if a god and a pair of goddesses had stepped right out of heaven. Their very aura glowed and rang with power. They were unstoppable.

Me: Do you see the same thing when you look at Vanessa and her brothers?

Louise: *laughs* I’ve never seen a trio of more mismatched alphas in my entire life! There is nothing uniform about those three! Ness is a wisp of a girl with a shock of strawberry blonde hair, Johnny is lean and high headed, and Dustin is a burly teddy bear! There is something missing to them. Perhaps it is because Vanessa waited so long to join the boys. If she’d made the decision sooner, perhaps they’d have grown together in beauty and power.

Me: Is being an alpha about looks?

Louise: Of course not, my dear! And alpha is all about heart!

Me: But you said Desiree wouldn’t be a good alpha because her heart rules her.

Louise: Yes, her heart rules her. And alpha rules with their heart, it is hard to understand for a human, no offense. Don’t think too hard about it, dear. Now, it’s bed time. you need your rest.   

Me: Thank you very much Louise! I hope I’ll have a chance to talk to you again!    


Finally! A sweet Slayer to talk to! Does anyone have a question for Louise?       


Meet the Character: Desiree Hayes

It has been a few days since my last character interview, and that was because the 25th was the full moon and most of the pack was out hunting and they just got back this morning. And luckily, I’ve been directed to a Slayer who, other than being a top-notch wolf hunter, is a genuinely polite person. Let me introduce you to Ms. Desiree Hayes, daughter of the esteemed Louise (Meyer) Hayes and the deceased Roland Hayes.

Birthday: December 12th

Favorite Movie: Mirror Mirror

Favorite Food: Chicken enchiladas    


Me: Hello Desiree, how was the hunt?

Desiree: Uneventful, actually.

Me: Oh I’m sorry. I’m sure the next one will go better. Now, I wanted to talk to you about your mother. Ness calls you two the dynamic duo. How do you work so well together?

Desiree: We only have each other. My father was killed by wolves when I was just a little girl, and my mother has not remarried.

Me: But you have four brothers.

Desiree: Half-brothers! They are the children of a lowly human and they deserted our pack. I have not seen or heard from any of them since they ran away after their initiation ceremonies.

Me: I see. That’s too bad they left you and your mother all alone. I’m very sorry.

Desiree: Do not waste your breath: there is no love lost between me and those boys. Besides, Mother never speaks of them. She, too, feels like they deserted us in our time of need.

Me: Uh, well, tell us about your mother. She is Viviana’s trainer, correct?

Desiree: Yes. Mother has thus far trained six Slayers. Viviana is her newest, and she is one of the quickest learners. Viviana is a talented girl and a very sweet person.  

Me: Then I take it the two of you are good friends?

Desiree: Yes, but unfortunately, my trainee is not nearly as smart or likable. He spends too much of his time arguing with me.

Me: That’s too bad. But I’m sure you’ll whip him into shape. Ness says you’re just as good as your mother.

Desiree: Thanks, but let’s agree to disagree. My mother has always been better than me, and will always be better than me. I think this concludes out interview.

Me: Yeah, I suppose it does.


Good grief! Will I ever find a Slayer to talk to who is nice to me and doesn’t try to bite my head off? What happened to her manners? Anyway, anybody got a question for Desiree?

Meet the Charater: Kate Young

Today I’m talking with Margery Rose’s best friend, Kate Young. Kate, along with Margery, are the same age as Ness, and Ness has always been intimidated by them, since she feels like one of them would have made a better alpha than herself.

Birthday: April 27th

Favorite Movie: The Princess Diaries

Favorite food: Lasagna

Me: Hello Kate, thank you for making the time to come and visit with me!

Kate: You’re very welcome Briana. But I must admit, Margery tried to talk me out of coming. She said you were a bit snobby.

Me: Uh, well, I’m just glad you decided you come anyway.

Kate: I think I made the right decision. You seem pretty nice to me.

Me: Thanks Kate. Well, since we only have so much time here on the show, let’s get down to business. How many hunts have you participated in?

Kate: I’ve lost count, there’s been so many. But I’d guess ten or eleven hunts, not counting my practice hunts or the times Kenneth had me tag along with the pack just to get a feel for what a hunt is like.

Me: And in those hunts you’ve been on, how many wolves have you killed?

Kate: A dozen, maybe more.

Me: Doesn’t it disturb you, knowing that you’re taking lives?

Kate: I cannot allow myself to think that way. If I did, I’d be just like Ness. Have you ever gone deer hunting?

Me: Well, yes, but I’ve never shot anything.

Kate: Couldn’t get close enough?

Me: No, I just couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger.

Kate: *frowns* You and Ness are kindred spirits. Well, I’ll put it this way: when I go on a hunt, I have to imagine that I’m stalking dangerous animals that won’t hesitate to kill me if given the chance. It is a kill or be killed world I live in.

Me: I see. And do most Slayers feel that way?

Kate: About half of them do, the other half reject their birthrights and run away, the cowards.

Me: Um, okay. Well, that’s all the time we have, so thank you Kate! 


Okay then! Any questions for the cold, I mean, lovely Kate Young? 


Meet the character: Margery Rose

Today I’m interviewing Margery Rose, a Slayer from the Montezuma Slayer pack.

Birthday: April 12th

Favorite movie: Ella Enchanted

Favorite food: Homemade Beef Stroganoff

Me: Hi Margery! So glad to have you here!

Margery: Thank you. I was very surprised when I got your invitation. I’ve never been interviewed before. I was a bit nervous to meet with you.

Me: Are you still nervous?

Margery: Oh no, you’re younger than I thought. I was expecting a cranky, old woman.

Me: *clears throat* Well, sorry for the misunderstanding. Let’s get on with the interview, shall we? There has been a few people that question Ness being the right candidate for Kenneth’s successor. Some even say you’d have made a better alpha.

Margery: I’m flattered! I didn’t know anyone had ever mentioned my name when discussing alphas. But really, I will not question Kenneth. He’s done too much for our pack. He’s protected us and lead us into many glorious battles. And if he believes in Nes’s abilities, I will not challenge him.

Me: Off the record, what do you think about Ness?

Margery: I cannot say I’m fond of her, but I will admit that I can sense her alpha potential.

Me: Alpha potential?

Margery: You didn’t think that an alpha just points to a random fifteen year old and says, “Yeah, I think she’ll be good.” Did you? That’s not how it works. Every alpha is born with alpha potential. Think of it as a ball of lava in their very soul. That lava has the power to control the pack. A slayer without that potential would make about as good an alpha as a crocodile would make a preschool teacher. Of course, that doesn’t stop slayers from being jealous or thinking they’d have made a better alpha. And in Ness’s case, she’s a late bloomer. One day she’s going to wake up and say, “I’m going to lead this pack today.”

Me: That being said, are you jealous that Ness was chosen?

Margery: *pauses* I once was. But I’m more mature now. I know that Kenneth picked her for a reason. Does this conclude our interview?

Me: Oh, yes, I suppose so. Thanks Margery.


Whew, that was interesting. Who else has a question for Margery Rose?   

Meet the character: Roger Vancouver

So this Monday morning, I met with Vanessa’s and Viviana’s father, Rodger. Although he’s not an alpha, he’s agreed to explain their role to us.

Birthday: January 16th

Favorite Movie TV Show: Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventure (and yes, he’s a Slayer, if you were wondering)  

Favorite Food: Five-alarm Chili


Me: Hello Mr. Vancouver. Thanks for coming by!

Rodger: Hello Briana, happy to help.

Me: So tell me what its like for your daughter to be an alpha. You’re obviously proud of her, but is it going to be awkward for your daughter to be giving the orders?

Roger: Of course I’m proud, but with such great responsibility comes danger. Being an alpha is ten times more dangerous than being just a Slayer. Wolves hate alphas, and if they get the chance, will kill them out of spite, sometimes not even during the full moon. Ness has never been a brave girl, and I’m very worried about her. Kenneth will protect her for as long as he can, but the day will come when she’ll be on her own, and part of me wonders if the the strain will break her. There have been stories of alpha who chose unwisely and their successor failed terribly.

Me: Are you saying Kenneth made a mistake of choose Vanessa?

Roger: *looks embarrassed* No, I didn’t mean that. But there are some who’ve mentioned it. There were two girls born the same year as Vanessa, and they’re both strong, dependent women, very capable of upholding pack law, as well as having the ability to kill wolves.     

Me: So my question is, do you regret that she was chosen to be an alpha?

Roger: *Long pause* Yes. She is such a frail girl. I’ve seen how hard it is on her to witness the death of a wolf. If only Kenneth would have chosen Margery or Kate, I could sleep soundly at night knowing my family and my pack is safe.

Me: You doubt her ability, but had you said as much to Kenneth?

Roger: I have. But Kenneth and I are not as close as we once were. He questions my judgement. We had a bit of a falling out years ago because I was a jealous, rebellious youth who’d dreamed of becoming an alpha, and instead, my friend was chosen. I though Kenneth was picked because his grandfather was an alpha. But I see now that I was just disappointed in myself and I lashed out at my friend.  

Me: Does that mean Kenneth hasn’t forgiven you?

Roger: Of course he’s forgiven me. He is my alpha; he cannot be cross with any member of his pack, nor can he show any favoritism, outside of his successors, that is. In a way, we are his children. *grimace* Although, I am two months his elder.

Me: Being a slayer is hard, isn’t it?

Roger: It is.

Me: Well, thank you for stopping by and elaborating for us.

Roger: Don’t mention it.


Okay then! Who else has a question for Roger?  

Meet the character: Viviana Vancouver

So for my Friday interview (last one until next week) Viviana Vancouver agreed to meet with me and talk for a bit.

Birthday: October 25th

Favorite Movie: Hunger Games

Favorite Food: Pork sandwiches


Me: Hello Viviana! You just became a Slayer and you also found out your big sister in the future alpha of the pack. What was that like for you?

Viviana: Well, being a Slayer is so cool. My whole life I’ve known I was destined for something great, but it seems like Ness is so distant anymore. She keeps forgetting about me. She just hangs out with her slayer/alpha friends and doesn’t have time for me.

Me: Oh I’m so sorry! Well, I’m sure she hasn’t forgotten about you. And as soon as she gets comfortable in her life, I’m sure everything will go back to normal. Now, tell me, what is your favorite weapon to take on hunts?

Viviana: I’ve never been on a hunt. Ness won’t let me come. She says she doesn’t want me to get hurt, but she keeps treating me like a baby. But my trainer says I’m strong, and one of the best archers she’s ever seen.

Me: Ooo, archery sounds like fun. Um, so what else do you do? When you’re not training I mean.

Viviana: I guess I just hang out, you know, I don’t have many friends, so I play everything by ear.

Me: I see. Well, I guess that about wraps up all my questions. Did you have anything else you want to add?

Viviana: Just this: everyone has strength and everyone has weakness. Those without fear are careless. Those without strength are weak. Learning to balance the two is what makes the best kind of Slayer. 

Me: Thanks Viviana! And happy hunting!

Viviana: Thanks. Same to you.


Does anyone else have a question for Viviana?  

Meet the character: Johnny Laree

So for my Thursday interview, I got together with the third Alpha Successor to the Montezuma Slayer pack, Johnny Laree.

Birthday: May 9th

Favorite Movie: Rush Hour

Favorite Food: Garlic chicken Alfredo  


Me: Good morning Johnny, how has your week been?

Johnny: Its been a fairly decent week I guess. Pretty quiet. 

Me: I’ve talked to both your fellow alphas, and the big topic has been about the werewolves.

Johnny: Yeah, Dustin gave me a heads up about that. Well Briana, I’m going to be straightforward with you: I enjoy my job. Every time I kill a werewolf, I pride myself on knowing I’ve taken one more threat out of this world. One more human can go on living, and every Slayer has one less enemy to worry about.

Me: I can tell you don’t like talking about this subject, but I have to ask, why do wolves kill humans? Why can’t they coexist in this word like you Slayers do? Correct me if I’m wrong, but you have some werewolf blood in you, too.

Johnny: Most wolves do live peacefully with humans. Many wolves marry humans and love them, but during the full moon when the werewolves transform into their true selves, accidents happen. Look at it like this, you have a dog who is the sweetest, more obedient thing in the world, except for three days a month. And in those three days, that dog goes crazy. It will destroy anything that gets in its way and doesn’t hesitate to kill. That is what happens to the werewolves. The full moon is a drug to them, it winds them up and shows their true colors. Some werewolves are able to block out their wolf side and remain “tame”. Those wolves can go on their merry little way and my people won’t harm them. And yes, I’m a second-generation Slayer, meaning my grandfather was a pure-blood wolf. Slayers have to marry wolves to keep the blood strong. That is the only way we can do what we do. In order to kill the wolf, you’ve got to think like the wolf, and the only way to think like a wolf is to be a wolf. Do you understand that?  

Me: Yes, I think I am seeing your way more clearly now. One last question, you’re in love with Ness, am I right?

Johnny: *looks surprised* Why, yes, as a matter of fact I do like her quite a bit.

Me: Does she know?

Johnny: No. I don’t mean to be blunt, but she only recently brought Dustin and I into her life. She blocked us out before because she thought we were cold and merciless.  This is a difficult time for her, and I don’t want to complicate her life.

Me: I must say that is very gentlemanly of you Johnny.

Johnny: Thanks. Well, I’d better go. See ya around.

Me: Bye Johnny. Thank you for coming!


Well, does anyone have a question for Johnny? 

Meet the character: Dustin Daniels

This evening I had the chance to sit down and talk with Dustin Daniels, Alpha Successor to the Montezuma Slayer pack.

Birthday: May 21st

Favorite Movie: Terminator

Favorite Food: Barbequed spareribs  


Me: Hi Dustin, so glad you could be here!

Dustin: Yeah, it’s good to be here! Thanks!

Me: So, Kenneth chose you to be one of his successors. Do you view that as a gift or a curse?

Dustin: A gift, no question about it. Being an alpha is the greatest honor any slayer can receive. And since there are only three alphas in every generation, it is a position that isn’t readily available to just anybody! In order to be chosen, the stars really have to aligned perfectly the day you’re born.

Me: So you’re saying you’ve never regretted being chosen?

Dustin: Of course not! I’d rather live one minute as an alpha than one hundred years being a normal Slayer, or worse, a human.

Me: I see. So, in you’re opinion, werewolves deserve to die.

Dustin: Absolutely! Werewolves are evil! They kill humans. If we Slayers didn’t hunt and kill them, they’d eventually take over the whole population!

Me: Are all werewolves bad? 

Dustin: You must have been talking with Ness. Well, I guess not all werewolves are bad. Not that I purposely try to find good in any of them. But of course, my pack doesn’t seek out innocent werewolves to kill. There are some werewolves that don’t kill humans. and as long as they don’t threaten human life, we will leave them alone. but if they stand up to us or endanger our lives, they’re going down.

Me: Okay then! I can say that I’ll sleep much more soundly tonight knowing that you and your pack are out there to protect us puny humans. Thank you Dustin!

Dustin: You bet, no problem!


Okay, so does anyone have a question for Dustin?  

Meet the character: Kenneth

Today I’m going to be interviewing Kenneth, Alpha of the Montezuma Slayer pack.

Birthday: March 21st

Favorite movie: I am Legend

Favorite Food: Eggrolls


Me: Hi Kenneth, I’m so glad you could come talk to me today!

Kenneth: It is my absolute pleasure Briana.

Me: So what is it like being a Slayer?

Kenneth: *laughs* Asking me that question and excepting a decent answer is like me asking you what it is like to be a human.

Me: What?

Kenneth: I was born a Slayer. I don’t know what its like to be anything else.

Me: Oh, well then, let me rephrase my question: what is it like to be an alpha?

Kenneth: Being an alpha is similar to being a parent. Except most parents only have two or three kids. I am an alpha to thirty slayers. So it’s a lot of responsibility. Even more so than you would imagine because almost half of my pack is under twenty-five years of age.

Me: I understand what you mean. Well, when you have any free time, what do you like doing for fun?

Kenneth: I rarely have “free time” thanks to my prodigy Vanessa. She is like a mixture of an infant and a puppy. I can’t leave her alone for more than ten minutes without worrying she’s hurt or in trouble. But, for those ten worry-free minutes, I like to cook and read.

Me: Well sir, it was really great having you here.

Kenneth: Anytime!

So, does anyone have a question for Kenneth? If so, don’t hesitate to ask!


Meet the character: Vanessa “Ness” Vancouver

Hi everyone! Today I was motivated to do another kind of interview! But this time, I’m going to be interviewing characters from my book. This idea came from Francesca at http://frannychallenge.wordpress.com/

You should check out her site and ‘meet’ some of her book characters! Maybe you’ll be inspired to do something similar on your own blog!


Today I’m interviewing Vanessa Vancouver, main character of Here with the Wolves, as Alpha Successor to the Montezuma Slayer pack.

Birthdate: May 24th

Favorite movie: Black Beauty

Favorite food: Just about anything Kenneth cooks.  


Me: Hi Vanessa, so glad you could take time from your busy schedule to visit with me!

Vanessa: Please call me Ness, and it was no problem: its ten days until the full moon, so I’m sort of “off-duty” right now.

Me: Oh that’s great! Well then let’s get to it! So, what is it like to be a werewolf hunter?

Vanessa: Well, in the beginning, I really hated it. But now I’ve come to realize it is just a part of life. By no means am I meaning I enjoy killing, but its for the greater good.

Me: Greater good? What do you mean?

Vanessa: You’re a human, right?

Me: Of course!

Vanessa: It’s my job to kill werewolves before they kill any of you humans.

Me: I see. Well, what do you like to do for fun?

Vanessa: I’ve recently gotten into fencing.  

Me: That’s nice, but I meant your hobbies? You know; something you do when you’re not working?

Vanessa: Um, technically I work 24/7. When I’m not with the other alphas, I’m training. When I’m not training, I’m doing “pack stuff”. And when I’m not doing “pack stuff”, I’m with the other alphas.

Me: Okay, let’s see, hmm, I guess that about wraps it up! Thank you Vanessa!

Vanessa: You’re welcome, and just call me Ness!


Well, that was exciting! And I think tomorrow I’ll interview Vanessa’s alpha, Kenneth.

I was also given an idea from Charles at http://legendsofwindemere.com/ to allow the reader (that’s you!) to ask my character a question! So, what do YOU want to know about Vanessa?