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Meet the Character: Desiree Hayes

It has been a few days since my last character interview, and that was because the 25th was the full moon and most of the pack was out hunting and they just got back this morning. And luckily, I’ve been directed to a Slayer who, other than being a top-notch wolf hunter, is a genuinely polite person. Let me introduce you to Ms. Desiree Hayes, daughter of the esteemed Louise (Meyer) Hayes and the deceased Roland Hayes.

Birthday: December 12th

Favorite Movie: Mirror Mirror

Favorite Food: Chicken enchiladas    


Me: Hello Desiree, how was the hunt?

Desiree: Uneventful, actually.

Me: Oh I’m sorry. I’m sure the next one will go better. Now, I wanted to talk to you about your mother. Ness calls you two the dynamic duo. How do you work so well together?

Desiree: We only have each other. My father was killed by wolves when I was just a little girl, and my mother has not remarried.

Me: But you have four brothers.

Desiree: Half-brothers! They are the children of a lowly human and they deserted our pack. I have not seen or heard from any of them since they ran away after their initiation ceremonies.

Me: I see. That’s too bad they left you and your mother all alone. I’m very sorry.

Desiree: Do not waste your breath: there is no love lost between me and those boys. Besides, Mother never speaks of them. She, too, feels like they deserted us in our time of need.

Me: Uh, well, tell us about your mother. She is Viviana’s trainer, correct?

Desiree: Yes. Mother has thus far trained six Slayers. Viviana is her newest, and she is one of the quickest learners. Viviana is a talented girl and a very sweet person.  

Me: Then I take it the two of you are good friends?

Desiree: Yes, but unfortunately, my trainee is not nearly as smart or likable. He spends too much of his time arguing with me.

Me: That’s too bad. But I’m sure you’ll whip him into shape. Ness says you’re just as good as your mother.

Desiree: Thanks, but let’s agree to disagree. My mother has always been better than me, and will always be better than me. I think this concludes out interview.

Me: Yeah, I suppose it does.


Good grief! Will I ever find a Slayer to talk to who is nice to me and doesn’t try to bite my head off? What happened to her manners? Anyway, anybody got a question for Desiree?