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Another taste of The Home Fire

Here’s another excerpt from my newest book, The Home Fire.


Arriving at the train station three hours early, Kidd settled down on the icy bench and drifted off to asleep. When she awoke, the conductor was blowing a whistle and calling, “All aboard! All aboard for El Paso!”

Dragging her feet, Kidd boarded the train, after she saw to it that Chip was safe and comfortable in the livestock car. Kidd pressed her face against the cool glass, almost expecting to see Dan and Shey there to wave her off. Instead, she saw Rowdy, wearing a fur muffler and a thick scarf, standing by the very bench she had napped on. He didn’t wave. He just looked at her. His eyes were sad. If she could have, Kidd would have gotten off the train right then, but it was already too late. Slowly, the train began moving, and soon, Rowdy was left behind in a cloud of smoke.

Kidd slouched back against the soft seat, but she wasn’t tired. She was homesick. She hadn’t even been away from town for five minutes, and she missed home. She missed Dan and Shey. She missed Socks and Jolly and Nubs and the chickens. And she missed Rowdy. But it was too late to go back now. She worked for Mr. Norton now.

That was all she had left.


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the home fire cover

The Home Fire is here!

Drum roll please! The Home Fire is finally here! Whew! What a long road to publication this little book has had! First written nearly three years ago, it sat-alone and forgotten-for months and months before I began re-writing it. Then came the always fun editing stage, cover design, formatting, and publication date (okay, so maybe not exactly in that order).

So I am very glad I am finally finished with this book. It is a good feeling, to reach a finish line, for sure. Now, I can only pray that no mistakes will be brought to my attention, giving me reason to do any more work on this book. As much as I love each and every one of my books, I only want to have to re-write them once. Don’t get me wrong, spending time with the little bundles of joy is a wonderful thing…unless I’m editing for the millionth time. 🙂 Just have to see how it goes, I suppose!!!

Well, anyhow, the Kindle (eBook) edition of The Home Fire is now live for the special price of $1.99! You can buy it here: The Home Fire eBook

And here’s the link to the paperback: The Home Fire

the home fire cover

Okay, book lovers, have at it! 🙂 If I can get twenty (20) sales by the end of April, I’ll be having a special giveaway! (More details to come!) So come on and help me reach my goal so someone can get some prizes!!!

The Home Fire excerpt

Here is a bit of a sample from my newest book, The Home Fire.


A pair of almond shaped, hazel eyes squinted past her shaggy, corn silk bangs into the pouring rain. Letting out a deep sigh, the young woman let the flap fall back down into place. She was shivering and inwardly cursing the unnaturally cold September weather. The rain had hardly let up the last three days, and even when it did, it was replaced by the howling wind. All the wood was soaked, so there was no hope of a fire. And now, the rain had saturated the heavy canvas tent and water was starting to drip down into the only shelter.

The blond plopped down onto the pine boughs, beside a petite, teenaged brunette and rubbed her cold fingers together.

The teenager looked up at her with eager blue eyes. “Does it look like the rain will stop soon, Kidd?” she asked hopefully.

“No, Dan. I don’t think so.”

Dan’s shoulders slumped and a tear fell from her eye, onto the face of the sleeping toddler she held in her arms.

Kidd looked down at little, three year old Shey who coughed in his sleep now and again. “He needs medicine.” Kidd said absentmindedly as she brushed Shey’s dark hair back off his forehead.


cover art the home fireComing April 2014