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The Home Fire is here!

Drum roll please! The Home Fire is finally here! Whew! What a long road to publication this little book has had! First written nearly three years ago, it sat-alone and forgotten-for months and months before I began re-writing it. Then came the always fun editing stage, cover design, formatting, and publication date (okay, so maybe not exactly in that order).

So I am very glad I am finally finished with this book. It is a good feeling, to reach a finish line, for sure. Now, I can only pray that no mistakes will be brought to my attention, giving me reason to do any more work on this book. As much as I love each and every one of my books, I only want to have to re-write them once. Don’t get me wrong, spending time with the little bundles of joy is a wonderful thing…unless I’m editing for the millionth time. 🙂 Just have to see how it goes, I suppose!!!

Well, anyhow, the Kindle (eBook) edition of The Home Fire is now live for the special price of $1.99! You can buy it here: The Home Fire eBook

And here’s the link to the paperback: The Home Fire

the home fire cover

Okay, book lovers, have at it! 🙂 If I can get twenty (20) sales by the end of April, I’ll be having a special giveaway! (More details to come!) So come on and help me reach my goal so someone can get some prizes!!!

The Home Fire is almost here!

Only nine days until the release of my new book, The Home Fire! If you’re looking for a book that will transport your imagination to another era, look no further! In The Home Fire you’ll begin a journey through the old west with three youngsters for company. Join Kidd, Dan, and Shey as they search for a place to call home in their own version of the Promised Land. Through the ups and downs of life, follow these three brave orphans and see where their journey takes them. Coming March 20th!

the home fire cover


Jenson made a grab for Chips reins, snorting, “How does a little kid come to own such a horse? What did you do? Steal him?”

Kidd squared her shoulders, declaring, “I did no such thing! I’ve had Chip for a good many years. I’ve been training him since he was two!”

Jenson sneered at her. “Sure you have! Bah! Why, I bet your pappy gave him to you, after he’d been gentled like a kitten. You think you’re a big girl, eh? Pony wise and ready to work on a big ranch? You won’t last five minutes! And I’ll bet you’ll be hard pressed to pay back Boss’s advancement!”

Face on fire, Kidd’s hot-headedness kicked in. She would have punched that brawny, big nosed, over-bearing, lout right in the face, but Morgan stepped in between them, saying, “Back off, Jenson. Don’t mind him, Kidd. He’s all bark and no bite.”

Kidd gritted her teeth, glaring at Jenson, but Morgan touched her arm, forcing her to look up at him. His brown eyes were soft, not at all what Kidd had expected from the rangy cowboy. “Come on,” he urged, taking Chip’s reins and handing them to her.


Only 20 days!

The first day of Spring is March 20th, and that is also the day The Home Fire will be published. So as we all make the journey from Winter to Spring, follow three young children on their own journey.

Teaser: Kidd, Dan, and Shey are orphans with no place to call home. These courageous youngsters will face lions, starvation, sickness, and wild horses in The Home Fire. As Kidd desperately seeks a safe place for her siblings to live a way to earn money to keep them fed and clothed, she will journey from being a gutsy young girl to a full-grown, independent woman. Her sister, Dan, and their toddling brother, Shey, would follow her to the end of the earth, but when Kidd decides to take a job and leave her siblings behind, will they be able to survive without her? Find out in The Home Fire coming March 20th!

the home fire cover

Excerpt:  It was coming.

Kidd would only have one shot with the rifle. If she missed, or just wounded the cat, it would be furious and would probably attack before Kidd had time to shoot again. Kidd held her breath, waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

The moon was waning, but Kidd could still make out some shadows.

There it was.

The cat leapt the last few feet and perched on the window ledge, sniffing the air, a soft growl echoing from its throat.

As silently as she could, Kidd slid back the hammer. At the small ‘click’ of it falling into place, the cat looked straight at her.

Kidd froze.

The cat looked away, yawning as if it was bored. Jumping down, it stalked forward slowly. Its ears were perked up and its tail was twitching.

Taking careful aim, Kidd slowly squeezed the trigger. There was a flash of light, allowing her a brief look at the cat’s startled, angry face before the darkness blinded her.


One more ‘Final’ cover…maybe

So, it has been brought to my attention that my other cover for The Home Fire seems to be directed for a younger age group that I was wanting. So I now try another cover. More of my own photography… Oh well. I think its pretty and hopefully eye-catching. What do you say?

the home fire cover

The Home Fire cover

After I finished re-writing my book, The Home Fire, I knew exactly what I wanted the cover to look like. Unfortunately though, I’m a terrible artist. But after finding a post advertising cover art, I was excited. I messaged the artist, Dani via her wordpress blog Fall’N Love Crafts and she painted the following cover. I was impressed. What do you think?

cover art the home fire

Finished Re-writing!

Drum roll please! I finally finished rewriting my newest western book, The Home Fire. Yippie! I wrote this book four years ago, so it was a good feeling to go back and refresh it. Of course, it’s another short story (30,000 words) but I’m confident it isn’t going to seem rushed. 🙂

Now I get to move on to the editing part… (Note that I’m less enthusiastic about this.)