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Customer Testimonial

Scentsy is an incredible product. I have always used candles and potpourri pots. But now I will only use Scentsy wax warmers. They heat up and fill the whole room with fragrance in about an hour. There is a wide variety of warmers to choose from, so I was able to find the perfect one for me, and I was also able to find the perfect fragrances, since Scentsy has well over 80 varieties. The wax cubes last a long time and are highly concentrated, and the best part is neither the wax nor the warmer will burn you, which is perfect for kids, pets, and any one else who might be a little clumsy or curious. At first I didn’t think that was possible, that was until I stuck my finger in the melted wax and came away unscathed! The representative is very friendly and willing to help in whatever ways she can. I got my order in two weeks, and everything was perfect, no broken or missing items. I’ll definitely continue using Scentsy. Thank you Scentsy and thank you Claire Luanne Daves!