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3 stars and the power of reviews

A Girl Named Cord got her first 3 star review!

This was a cute story. But a little too predictable and everything was all tied up in a pretty package with a bow on it. It was a quick read and still enjoyable.

Thanks for this nice review, Pamela!


This reviews was very special for me because:

1. It is from a person I do not know.

2. It is my first 3 star review ever.


But it also made me think. I’m not an avid book reader so much these days, and I don’t read many kindles. The only kindle books I buy are from friends, or books from friends/acquaintances of friends. In those cases, the other reviews on amazon mean very little to me. But, from the viewpoint of a person who doesn’t know me or anything about my book, the ‘teaser’ we authors provide are possibly a little bias. This is when the reviews really do the speaking for our books and will either snag a sale or turn buyers away. This is why I review all the kindle books I read. I was seen one instances where my review was cause for a lady to try a book she’d normally never read. That, to me, makes the time it takes to write a review worth it.

What about you? What do reviews do for your books, and what is your feelings on giving reviews?