I’m a Mommy

I am now a proud Mommy. I just adopted two, beautiful infant girls. They are adorable.

Yes, it wasn’t really planned. I’d been thinking about doing it, but wasn’t really certain. Kids are a lot of work, after all. Especially ones as tiny as these fraternal twins are. They were born last Wednesday around 4 o’clock in the evening.

But I can’t lie that I was super excited to find out that I really would be getting the babies! I was rushing around, of course, getting baby formula, bottles, finding my old playpen, and getting their new room set up.

My little girls’ names are Zeena and Zayve. I am so proud of them and love them dearly. They’re the cutest little things with their pretty, hazel eyes and long eyelashes! But oh my goodness! For as little as they are, they sure are loud! They scream and cry when they want attention, or food, and they love to be carried around!

Oh, did I mention that they are goats? 🙂

Yep. La Mancha and Dwarf Nigerian cross infant goats. They are my future dairy goats. I have a really close friend who raises several different breeds of gouts, as well as sheep and cows and horses and chickens, but when the mother to these twins died, my friend called me and asked if I could take them, since she was too busy to bottle feed them. I didn’t need to be asked twice.

So…I may not be on WordPress very frequently. I’ll get some posts set to publish periodically through the next month, but my main focus is going to be on my new ‘daughters’ In whatever time I have left over, I’m going to be working to get my book, The Home Fire, trying to get it ready for publication and hopefully get it published sometime in March as planned.

So, until I return, take care!!!

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