I Am A Writer

Some people think authors are lazy. That all they do is sit at their computer and stare blankly at the screen. And that their blog(s), Facebook page(s), Twitter, LinkedIn, email, and all other sorts of social media outlets are pointless and just take up time that could be spent elsewhere.

To those people I say, “You try writing a book, edit that book, find the means to either make your own cover or hire an artist,  and then get that book published and show me some sales.”

It isn’t as easy as some people believe. In the beginning, I had reservations about joining Facebook and WordPress. But, at the insistence of my publisher, I joined. I have not once regretted that decision. Few people have bought my book. And for the most part, those people who have bought (as well as taken the time to give me an honest review) are people whom I have connected with here by showing samples of my work, i.e. poetry and book excerpts. I’ve met other authors who are much like myself, and they offered to interview me or set me up for a guest blog to get some exposure for myself as an author and for my published works, many people have even re-blogged my posts about sales, contests, and the such. In turn, I try to offer them the same exposure by re-blogs, interviews and so on and so forth.

Writing is easy. Being an author is hard. There is a difference between writing a letter or sales sheet and a 40,000 word novel. This is one point I cannot get across to people. There are jobs in this world that are solid. You get a regular paycheck. Yes, there may be surprises and objects along the way, but chances are you’re not going to run into any career (or life) changing roadblocks.

Authors put not only long hours, but part of themselves, into their work. It is not just a hobby. Writing is something authors are passionate about and it isn’t something they just want to do, but need to do.

Please respect that writing is the career of authors. No, they don’t work the usual 9-5 hours, work Monday through Friday, they don’t take sick days or have paid vacations (some of them don’t have vacations at all, and others don’t get paid for anything), but this is their job. It is their life and it’s what they love. They are working to support themselves and their families.

37 thoughts on “I Am A Writer

  1. Gorgeous. Beautifully said. I love it! I once read a quote that said something like; “What people don’t understand about a writer is that he is working even when he is staring out the window.”

  2. Give ’em the raspberry and carry on 🙂 Some people have been saying this about writers since the days of Socrates. The thing is, Briana, you are not only a writer but you work on a ranch. Most writers do have other jobs…I don’t think I am the only writer who worked a 9-5 job and wrote in the evenings and on lunch hours. It’s either that or starve – for most of us!

  3. Very well said Briana, we do this because we love it with the hopes that someday we can support ourselves doing what we love. In the end we will continue to write even if we never become a commercial success.

    • Thanks Dom!
      And how very true. Writing is a great thing. Nothing can compare with the feeling of holding one of your completed manuscripts. Its got to be one of the best things in the world, with or without fame.

  4. I like that quote too. I don’t work a full-time job anymore. The worst thing my husband can say to me when he gets home is , “So, what have you been doing all day.” He knows better now. He spent a week home with me and saw how much time and energy I do devote to my writing and the “being an author” parts and the blog. I have recently started marketing my paperback to local bookstores for when it it ready. I have also recently started online Scrivener classes, and I barely have time to do the laundry and cook/clean the kitchen. We do work! And good for you for saying so.

  5. Love this quote from your post: “Writing is easy. Being an author is hard.” Great post, Briana. The problem also is that some people only think writing=work if you are selling. If you’re not selling, then they don’t give your writing the same consideration. And yet the effort you put into your writing, into being an author is the same whether you sell a book or not. Now, I’m off to my day job ;(

  6. Writers are NOT lazy. Thanks for saying that! Heck, I’ve been trying to find a job on the side…. you know, a paying one…. because I need one. Been trying for months. At least I’m getting some interviews. They never turn into offers.

    Many of us “work” as well as write. I have had to cut back on my writing and blogging because I need some secure income…. Writing is my passion and will always be my career, though. Even if I haven’t worked in my WIP in a week because I’m just too stressed out 🙂

    • 🙂 You are very welcome!
      And I know how that is. I farm and ranch on the side, though it isn’t a very good way of bringing in any income.
      I wish you luck with your interviews, I hope you get a good job and find some time to relax! 🙂 Thank you Victoria!

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